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Welcome! We have been desperately searching for a commander of your caliber!

On the "day of descent", aliens ships suddenly descended and destroyed all human civilization on earth. While turning Earth into a sea of fire, the aliens began to pour large amounts of contaminants toward Earth, causing the extinction or mutation of the vast majority of living things. The atmosphere, ocean, and soil suffered extremely severe contamination. To fight for the few remaining resources, the surviving humans began a chaotic war, and civilization collapsed further. Three years after the "day of descent", the protagonist, who survived the disaster but fell into a coma, is awakened from his sleep by Breaking dawn and sees the wasteland that earth had become.

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hack DoomCar Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Your team can have up to 5 different chariots. Use the drag function to adjust the position of the chariot configured in the formation. Tap quick equip to instantly equip all your best equipment parts for a chariot.

cheat Step #2: If you don't have enough parts, you can check details to learn how to get them. You will face stronger enemies as you progress through the stages. The upgrades have greatly improved your combat capabilities! Victory will be yours. When upgrading parts, there is a certain probability that an attribute will be added.

code Step #3:Increase your reputation to get more powerful chariot plans! Head to the workshop and select forge equipment. You can forge new gears with other equipments parts. Raise your commander level to unlock more features.

DoomCar Step #4: Chariot advancement requires 1 or 2 extra identical chariots or units of the same faction and quality. B class unit shard - 60 fragments can be combined into a b class chariot. Orange gear box - obtain an orange equipment.

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  • 1. Hack cheats:
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    shards - #APoWNYB0Z
  • 2. Chariot breakthrough allows chariots to break through the level cap.
  • 3. Complete the tasks and rewards will be yours! Tasks will mark their objective's location for you.
  • 4. Remember to collect the free rewards from the wealth system every day!
  • 5. Challenges: special area, road to growth, mysteries of upgrading, thrill of the arena, challenge quest.
  • 6. Pair chariots with certain drivers to greatly enhance the effects of chariots' ender skills.
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