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Irisevil - Love science and technology, love peace. After the disaster, you have been trying to help the survivors around you with what you have learned. During this period, you have accumulated a lot of survival knowledge and found that your [blood volume] is much higher than that ordinary people.

Charlescruel - My father is a well-known local businessman, but you like outdoor sports and travel, and are keen on all kinds of firearms competitions. When the disaster comes, you can't follow the family members to the safe area, just to find the lost wife and daughter to stay in the city. That is to say, being a father is a little higher than ordinary people.

SamuelLieutenant - He used to be an excellent boxer with many honors and a happy family. Separated from his wife and daughter after the disaster. Throught the mounth of the survivors, we know that their wives and daughters are imprisoned by the evil organizations that take advantage of the chaos. Carrying the responsibility of the family is much higher than the average person.

Jacksonthejust - The only daughter of the commander of the city's elite forces, she has been in the barracks since she was a child, deeply influenced by various firearms and equipment skills, and loves to use sniper guns. Because her love of guns also makes her attack much higher than ordinary people.

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