DOTA 2 Auto Chess
DOTA 2 Auto Chess

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We will show you the rules and operation of the game. Only one of eight players survives and prevails in a game. Every round is divided into a preparing phase and a combat phase. In the preparing phase you can deploy your pieces by strategies. In the combat phase you will defend an enemy attack. Keep an eye on the time. Once expired, you’ll no longer be able to adjust your units and the combat phase will begin.

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You can purchase pieces in the store which will be automatically refreshed when a new round starts. Every piece belongs to a specific race and class, and some bonus buff will be triggered when you have different pieces of the same races or classes on board to a certain amount. Bottom - this is your bench where your pieces are kept.

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Main screen - this is chessboard where all of the pieces within fight your enemies during combat phases. Pick up your pieces and put them on the chessboard while preparing phases.
You can not have more pieces on board than your upper limit.If you do, pieces that exceed the max number will be returned to benches at the beginning of the battles. If your benches are gull then those exceeding pieces will be sold automatically.
DOTA 2 Auto Chess wiki
Each round, you’ll face an enemy on your board. If your units lose, you will lose HP. You gained experience and gold at the beginning of every round and increase your level after gaining enough EXP. Increasing your player’s level will allow you to put more pieces onto chessboard and give you easier to rare pieces. Remember, in every preparation phase you get a selection of 5 randomly chosen heroes. you can buy as many as you like as long as you have the gold to afford them.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • 3 same pieces will be combined and rank-up. Rank up will make your characters much more powerful than before.
  • In preparing phases you can combine heroes. There will be combination button after piece meets the condition of combining.
  • SOme bonus buff will be triggered when you have different pieces of the same races or classes on board to a certain amount.
  • Each level of the same perk effect staks.

DOTA 2 Auto Chess tips
Hack cheats tutorial DOTA 2 Auto Chess(wiki):
  • You have chances to loot items by defeating creeps. All your items will be list in your pack.
  • You can drag items to pieces to equip them. Those items that have been equipped are unremovable.
  • You can look overrules and instructions and enter tutorials again to train through settings.
  • THe piece will cast their ability after its mana pool is full.
  • Limited Drodo chessman and candies awaiting for you in official hack server.
  • In battle phases your heroes automatically engage the enemy and use their abilities. You are unable to control them yourself.
  • Agents can increase stats and skills of character.
  • Become invincible for 0,8 s after taking damage.

DOTA 2 Auto Chess tutorial

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Buffs: Demon - active when you have certain number pieces of this race on board, each level of the same synergy effect staks. Attack deals 50% extra pure damage to the target. Active when you control only one kind of demon on the chessboard.
Assassin - all friendly assassins have 15% chances to critical hit for 3 times of damage.
Knight - all friendly knights have 30% chances in every 3 seconds to procast a damage reducing shield which grants 75% of magic resistance and 30 armor for 3 seconds.
DOTA 2 Auto Chess tips to repair

DOTA 2 Auto Chess Ability: Toss - grab a nearby enemy within 1 grids, and lunches it at the farthest grid, to deal 100 physical damage and stun for 2 seconds where they land.
Walrush punch - tusk connects with his mighty walrus punch, a critical strike so powerful it launches its victim into the air. The victim is slowed upon landing.
Blade fury - couses a bladestorm of destructive force around juggernaut, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units.
Berserker’s call - ave taunts nearby enemy units, forcing them to attack him, while he gains bonus armor during the duration.
Add chess EXPs - add 4 exps for your chess player to level up. 1 more chess and higher chance to call advance chesses for each level up.
Whirling death - Timbersaw whirls extremely sharp edges, damaging enemies and destroying trees around him in an era. If an enemy hero is affected, it loses some of its primary attribute for a short duration. Whirling death will deal bonus damage per tree destroyed.
Items: ring of life - life regeneration increase by 10. Void stone - mana regen +50% when attacks. magi robe - target’s magic resistance +10.
DOTA 2 Auto Chess Hack server: gold - is the only resource in game, automatically given before each round. You can pick chesses with gold or call 5 new heroes or add experience.
get a random courier: you’ll get a random courier from random box (can be a duplicate). New effect will replace the current one. You can change courier from the list on the right once per game. Couriers with effect or in use cannot be exchanged. how and where enter
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