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Game mechanics: the board is made by points which you must join with line that you can place on your turn. On your turn, you can close up squares made by both player’s previously marked lines and that’s what the game calls a “quad”, quads are the best way to increase your score and beat your opponent. On the classic dots and boxes game you can close more than one quad on each turn, this means that you get another turn every time you close a box.

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The main objective is to mark as many quads as you can within the board, the conquer bar at the top of both avatars shows just how much of the territory is owned by each player, so it’s very important to keep track of it.
You can use a special skill every time you fill your power bar, which is located right next to your avatar, this special skill can ruin your opponents game plan.

Dots of War cheats, hack codes

But there is just so many times you can use it in a game, so use it wisely, every two turns you can get a power unit for your bar, and every clan requires a different number of lined up quds to make bonus power units. All three clans have a blocking skill, which stops your opponent from closing more than one quad within its next turn.
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All skills have a special advantage over certain clans, once the game starts you’ll see a few chests over the quads, these chests contains potions that increases your power bar by one or two units, os make sure you get them before your opponent.

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