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Hey Boss! Nice to see you again! Welcome back to your old hood! The city is now run by the back stabbing Big Billy who set you up and got you busted. It’s time for revenge. Let’s send a shoutout to the boys that you are back in town. We need to recruit fast. Let’s train the recruits in the ammo shop and get them ready for action! Equip our mob recruit with Brass Knuckles. it might be brass but his fists are iron, defends your turf with every drop of blood. Characters stats: defense power, hit points, speed, range, reload time. Cost - 2000 cash, training time - 1m 40 seconds

Downtown Gangstaz hack

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Your mob code is a unique ID which can be shared with friends so that they can join your mob. Share this code with your friends so that they can add you to their mobs. Tap to post your message to the shoutbox. Got the mob cheat from a friend? Enter the hack and click add to sent an invite.
Training queue - your training units will be shows here once you add them by tapping here. Nice, all the trained mobs are now ready. They are waiting near the mob Van for your command.

Downtown Gangstaz cheats, hack codes

1. m8Mqht - level up
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Our old stash was hidden in the Taco shop across the street.. the one now run by Billy’s dogs. They dont know what they are sitting on, let’s take our stash back! We got our stash back! Also, the business will now earn us income every hour! let’s assign 1 of our mobs to defend this business. Once characters are assigned to the building, they will defend it from enemy attacks. Tap the plus button to assign unit to the Taco shop. Boss, we now have enough cash to upgrade our mansion. Mansion upgrade increase: hit points, range, assign capacity, cash storage, product storage, earn XP. Build time - 2 minutes. Use cheat code or diamonds for speed up!
Downtown Gangstaz wiki
The mansion unlocked new build options for us to expand our hood: Fence, Stash house, tatoo parlour, air drops. We also got our product stock back from the Taco shop. But this won’t be enough. We need to build a product lab and start production now. Product lab - mercs have a taste for your fine product. Product fules the wars. Upgrade your product lab to maximize production. Resources will be moved to the depot once you collect. Let’s set some ground rules. Choose your class: runner - earn stamina, fighter - earns product, hustler - earns cash faster. Word on the street is that Big Billy is coming for a showdown.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Downtown Gangstaz tips
Hack cheats tutorial Downtown Gangstaz (wiki):
Buildings: Stash house - all that cash needs a safe place to store. Don’t let enemies get their hands on it. Upgrade the stash house to increase its capacity and ability to withstand attack.
Build an air drop post and assign a mob to it. Every 24 hour you will be able to airdrop free gift to your mobs and receive gift codes from them.
Construct a daily shipment post and assign a mob. A boat will bring in cash from offshore business daily by trading products. The cash increases with your level. Remember to collect every 24 hours for higher bonus.
sdyI1X - money
6XpITG - upgrade
QxDxVc - speed up
kKcwS6 - vip status
9Mkk6k - stamina
Hack R2RfmE - artifacts
Cheat bNOvPJ - evade
tvliwy - elite ticket
BOUx9L - exchange code
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