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1. DnWsy3fU0E - unlimited capsules (moves) 2. 5T4C1W1kjZ - hammer 3. 1L0CEDL92n - skills 4. JijsMSlfpT - full metter 5. WF3NSIJqK8 - energy Viruses have invaded - everywhere! Both the Roads and Bowser’s minions have been sent into a panic! Hunt down all the viruses and save everyone!
To eliminate a virus, you need to use a capsule. WHile holding the capsule, drag it onto the stage. If you let go, it will begin to rise toward the top of the screen. If the capsule collides with a virus or another object, it will stop moving.

Dr. Mario World hack

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Once it stops moving, if three colors match vertically or horizontally, the virus will be eliminated. It can be helpful to rotate the capsule before moving it into the stage. Tap, hold, and drag the capsule to move it. YOu can’t move it back toward the bottom of the screen, so be careful! You have a limited number of capsules. The number in the top right of the screen shows how many are left. Eliminate all the viruses before you run out of capsules to clear the stage.

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1. Nolwy9sw1A - activation key 2. M5rKgZTBMV - level up 3. i3LhzTd1X9 - unlock mission 4. JpKKb9rKTU - secret room 5. WULrtV4tW6 - voucher

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Your next capsule has turned into a rainbow. Rainbow capsules are special, they can match with objects of any color. After you make seven matches that eliminate viruses or capsules, one will appear. There’s a rainbow meter on both the left and right sides of the stage that shows how many matches you’ve made. Use the rainbow hack to eliminate a virus of any color.
Dr. Mario World wiki
Tap an item to see what it does. If you select an item before starting a stage, it will be used when the stage begins. To use an item, you usually need diamonds or coins. But this time, i gave you an item code for free.
You’re all out of capsules? The number of capsules you get chances from stage to stage. YOu need to eliminate all the viruses before you run out of capsules.

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1 nkDNrCBwBa items
2 Y7JxyJNvyN gem crystal
3 3lvCZj2wZI credits
4 hq6CgkZy3F promo code
5 A3mVMIhjTu gift box
6 g0X2QjRFMW gold coins
7 qskaeFVddG month card
8 cNdMXfwLFS premium pack
9 Sg7SKCBuuu chest
10 V3G5LbzyzT vip ticket
11 NLmjslqAqM capsules

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Match a shell with pieces of the same color and it'll start to move.
  • Dr.Mario - clears rows in lowest position. Bowser - clears rows at random. Peach - clears columns at random.
  • At higher levels, the skill meter fills faster.
  • P item - charge up your skill meter.
  • Look at that! You've still got half a capsule there. You can tap and hold it to move it around, just like a full sized capsule. Put half capsules in empty spaces, You want to make the best use of your capsules that you can!

Dr. Mario World tips
Hack cheats tutorial Dr. Mario World(wiki):
Skill up: start the stage with a full skill meter.
Sometimes viruses are hidden inside of blocks.
You can use the hammer - use it to destroy objects.
Go against your friends in versus mode!
Use special skills to turn the tide! Eliminate viruses by matchin colors! Easy to control - go at your own pace.
Dr. Mario World tutorial

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1. Xhxi0GBOd7
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