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DRAGON BALL FighterZ cheat world: welcome, this is the lobby, which serves as the main menu of the game and a central hub for all players. In order to move around the lobby, you'll need a lobby character. You're currently in the lobby as Goku, but there are plenty of other characters to choose from. Lobby characters can be won from " z capsules". There's a special campaign going on right now, so let's have you open up a batch of ten Z capsules and see what you can get.

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In addition to lobby characters, you can also win new character colors and titles from Z capsules, among other things. Z capsules can be bought at the lobby's shop. Once you've saved up some Zeni, head over there to buy some more. The Z capsule you just received contained a new lobby character, so let's go ahead and have you select your new character. If you ever want to change characters, just open up the lobby menu, select "customize", then go to "select lobby character".

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Next, let's go over quest tutorials. In the lobby, you can view a list of quests that are currently available. Completing any of these quests will net you items and other rewards. The lobby is filled with various islands and buildings, each offering different modes for you to enjoy. Additionally, if you don't want to take the scenic route to any of the areas, you can use "warp" to instantly teleport in front of wherever you want to go.

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Fighting in battles and completing quest are great ways to earn Zeni, which can then be used in the shop to buy items. In story mode, you can enjoy the original story of Dragon ball fighterz. Move around the map, defeat enemies, help allies, and advance the story. You're about to begin your first fight! But before you do, let's go over the various and gauges you'll need to know to understand how battles work.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: The health gauge shows how much health your character currently has. The gauge deplets a little whenever you're hit by your opponent's attack. If you fighter loses all of their health, they're out of the fight, os be sure to keep opponent on the defensive and deplete all of their health first. The Ki gauge shows how much Ki your character currently has. Every attack you successfully land on your opponent fills the gauge a bit. use the Ki you've stored up to unleash devastating attacks and really put the pressure on your enemy.

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Tutorial (wiki): Time remaining - shows how much time is left in the match. The battle will end when it reaches zero. If time runs out and neither fighter has been defeated, the one with the most health will be deemed the winner. Don't let time run out in story mode, though, as you'll still lose thematch even if you have more health. Sparking blast icon - this icon lets you know whether or not you can use a sparking blast, which temporarily powers up your fighter when used. The main event - enough words, it's time to let your fists do the talking! Follow the on screen advice and take hold of your fighter.

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