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I’ve been waiting for so long, hero! Welcome to the world of Korador! My name’s Drago, and i’m going to tell you just what you need to win! No legend is possible without its heroes. It’s time to get to know your squad! They’ve only just had a hearty meal, and now they’re ready for glorious battles.
Meet Darian, the crown prince! He’s a powerful tank who can fend off hordes of enemies by himself. Oh, and he absolutely despises orcs. It’s a bit personal.

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Alyria, a skilled elven healer. She can bring you right back from the afterlife, all while doing her nails.
We’ll have time to get to know each other later. It’s time for your very first battle.
Darian’s first ability is hero’s blow. As you probably know, the more over-the-top the name, the better the ability. This attack deals massive physical damage to the enemy. Use Alyria’s mass healing to heal the wounds and lift you spirits! Not so sure about that last part, though.

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Darian’s inspiring blow deals damage to three enemies at once. This is the perfect moment to use it. You won, and everyone survived. That was a pro’s work right there! The orcs had some valuables in their pockets. Dracoins - you can exchange them for a chest. Chests usually contain herostones, rare items, and all kinds of stuff. At least you might recover your expenses. Herostones - collect them to increase the size of your squads and power them up.
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Sharp - he wasn’t quite comfortable sitting there in the chest. It’s time to send him to battle. He’s a veteran warrior who can crush his enemies with his presence and wombo combo strikes. You unlocked daily objectives. Whenever you fail to complete a daily quest, you upset a developer somewhere out there! Seriously though, you need daily quests to gain XP for your profile and unlock new game modes. The first quest is completing two campaign missions. You spend energy to complete campaign missions. However, the elven sages say that energy is a renewable resource. It will be replenished in a few hours.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • If a mission is proving too difficult, try equipping your heroes with new items.
  • Events won't just let you obtain a hero, but also learn more about their history.
  • Collect runes and assemble rune words to increase your chance of winning.
  • Don't stay in dragon's fire for too long, stay frosty!
  • Level up to level 20 and defeat the mighty dragon in a 25-player raid
  • Some characters are much more efficient together. Don't forget to read hero descriptions!
  • Each race has its leaders that grant unique features to the entire squad, making it more powerful.
  • Complete as many tower levels as you can daily to earn gold and other valuable reward.

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Hero selection - this is where you choose heroes for the next battle.
Tap and hold the ability icon to see what it does. XP tomes in the loot - you need them to level up your heroes. Leveling up your heroes makes them better, faster, taller, stronger. It does improve their base stats, though. Don’t forget to level up your heroes every once in a while. It can help you complete challenging missions.
The legend you’ve been fated to take part in consists of several story campaigns. The order campaign is available from the start.
Once you complete the next mission, our first quest will be finished.
Dragon Champions tutorial

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