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Method for charging a skill
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What is equipment?
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What is dragon time?
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Dragon Fang Z Cheats
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Mission Dragon Fang ZThe time which isn't now it's the far place which isn't here. A Dragonewt girl and a kind fairy stumbled upon an endless maze. Then let's begin, the courageous and wise story of a dragonewt and a fairy.
Method for charging a skill
The number shown on the bottom left corner of the equipped Fang is the Fang’s required charge value for using a skill. In the brave state (the state where there are no walls in Rose’s surroundings), you charge your skill by 1 when you attack. When your skill’s signal lights up, this means the skill can be used. After you use your skill once, you need to charge it again. Saving your skill for key moments can also be a method.
What are items?
The items obtained in the dungeon will be put in the item bag. If you want to use the items obtained, open the items menu. Most items will disappear after you use them once. If you use them without planning anything, it will be troubling when you really need them. For items that are picked up for the first time, it's best to confirm the effects first and enter cheat code, use Dragon Fang Z hack tools.
Sometimes, you will obtain items with unknown effects (unidentified items). Under this circumstance, you are unable to know the effects of the items. The effects of unidentified items can be identified by actually using the items or using the "analysis book". For boxes, put the items in them. For staffs, use them on monsters. These are the most recommended methods. Once you identify an item's effect, the item will remain identified during the adventure.
Hint & tips
1. If there are no wall 8 squares within ROse’s surroundings, can activate dragon area. When dragon area is activated, you can activate different kinds of special effects.
2. Holding left ck=lick button on target monster, you can view the monster's information.
3. The arrows obtained in the dungeon will be put in the quiver beside the HP bar. When tap "arrow" button at the bottom right, you can shoot arrows in front. Before you hit the enemy or the wall, the shooting range is limitless! If you use this well, you can attack monsters from a far distance. When an arrow hits an enemy, the arrow disappears.
Level up
When you accumulate your experience to a necessary value, Dragon Fang Z character will level up. When leveling up, Roses's stats below will increase: max HP, attack, arrow attack, quiver ( the maximum amount of arrows you can hold). You can obtain experience by defeating monsters or use cheats codes, hack tools. The stronger the monster is, the more experience you can get.
Auto save
When in the dungeon, your file will automatically be saved. Even if you exit the game, you will start from the same place when you start up the game next time. But when defeated in the dungeon, all items will be lost. And Rose's level will be rest to 1! The player's (you yourself) growth will definetely become the key to getting through the dungeon. First, try to move towards the dungeon, if i find anything new, i will let you know.
What is equipment?
Sometimes, when in the dungeon or use cheats Dragon Fang Z codes, hack tools, Rose obtains items. Weapons and shields can be equipped from the items menu. You can equip one weapon and one shield. Obtaining stronger equipments will definitely become the key to getting through the dungeon. But before you actually equip or identify an item, the content of the item will not be available. It would be great if you were to obtain a decent equipment.
What is Fang?
When you defeat a monster, sometimes Fang will drop. Rose can turn the abilities of monsters (skill and souls) into her own power when she equips Fangs. fangs can be equipped from items menu, a maximum of three Fangs can be equipped, or use hack tools, cheat engine, code. When Fang is obtained, confirm the ability of the Dragon Fang Z Fang.
What is dragon time?
The number shown beside the gear on the upper left area in the picture is known as "dragon time". When "dragon time" is above 1, your HP will slowly recover while moving. "Dragon time" will shorten by 1 when Rose moves once, and when time value become 0, you will receive damage when you move. When you go from one floor to another floor, "dragon time" will recover by 150, therefore when there isn't much "dragon time" left, go towards the stairs.
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1. 1. D2TTDSfXFjUZ7yw
2. XJHN71h4o0779J0
3. AJcjMKa6aufw2OV
4. BU8Pfj9lqu14g1S
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