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Dragon Merge redeem codes

Welcome to the wonderful world. There are many dragon elements to learn about but, for now, choose your favourite to begin your research. Now simply drag an egg on top of another one to evolve them. Each dragon earns money! When you have enough, you can buy upgrades. The best way to learn more about new elements is from battles. Let’s try one now.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Now we can pick which of our dragons we want to battle with. Our heroic dragons will mostly fight automatically for us! They’re the best. Our special elemental attack is ready! Let’s use it to do extra damage to them. Phew - a few more battles and we’re sure to learn more about the dragon elements.
cheat, Step #2: In the meantime, we can earn more money for upgrades with boosts and bonuses. Boosts: X2 - double your income. Auto merge - automatically merge your characters. That’s enough lessons for now! Carry on battling and we’ll continue when you unlock your next elements.
Dragon Merge code, Step #3: We’ve discovered more dragon eggs. Change your spawning element by tapping the element icon on the spawn bar. We can only spawn one type of dragon element at a time. Select which element you would like to spawn from the wheel above.
Step #4: Your dragons have been busy earning coins while you were away. Double spawn - chance to spawn two dragons instead of one. Nurture and unleash your units. Merge to evolve dragons. Engage in exciting arena combat.

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