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Free hack Dragon Village B cheats code list - gold, premium egg, skill points, promo ticket, free spin, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dragon Village B cheat world: welcome, my name is cheat-on, and i'm a dragon tamer. Let me give you a dragon for battle before you start your adventure. This is an earth attribute dragon. I'll explain what that attribute means later. Now, let the adventure begin. I'll explain how to play the game, so listen carefully.

Dragon Village B hack

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First, tap a place where 2 or more earth blocks are together. Try collecting the remaining earth blocks. Let's learn how to create a magic missile, which is a type of power block. Tap 5 blocks with the same attribute. You made a magic missile - get rid of 1 vertical or horizontal row of blocks.

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When you eliminate attribute blocks, you'll score way more points if you have lots of Dragons with the same attribute. It's time to learn how to crate a bomb, your second power block. Tap a spot where 7 or more blocks with the same attribute are together. A bomb is a power block that aliminate surrounding blocks.

Dragon Village B wiki
Tap a spot where 8 or more blocks with the same attribute are together. What could that be, you ask? This is a called an orb! An orb eliminates all blocks on the screen with the same attribute. Looks like an orb and magic missile are side by side. When two power blocks are combined, you'll get a brand new effect. Make sure you keep that in mind.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: let's try a bomb+ bomb combo! What happens when you combine two bombs - hack tool. You need to know about boost items. Use this item to get power blocks at the beginning of the game. Success reward is differen according to the star points. Do your best so you can get gems too.
Dragon Village B tips
Tutorial Dragon Village B (wiki): collaboration event - get Jigsaw dragon for 7 day attendace reward! Reward is paid by code and sent to your inbox after 7 days of attendance. The code is available in dragon village and dragon village 2. Premium summon ticket - it'll let you bry an advance summon. You can equip the dragons you summon from the inventory.
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Tips to reapir durability Dragon Village B, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

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