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Live with Majestic Dragons Dragon Village. One day, the Dark Apostle appeared in the peaceful Dragon Village. He cursed all over the world, and the curse changed the eggs into a different shape, making them hard to find. One by one, dragons left their human friends and the Dragon Village. When all the dargons vanished from the world, the Dark Apostle summoned evil monsters. Without their dragon friends, humans could not defeat monsters. The world was turned into a den of monsters. When mankind was losing hope a voice was heard. It's not too late. Be a dragon tamer and find us! Find and grow the hidden dragon eggs and save the world from evil!

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hack Dragon Village Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): We Tamers are tasked to find dragon eggs that have been mutated by evil magic. That's why we explore various areas. Let's go on an adventure for now, shall we? Tap the screen to walk. You've got a new dragon egg. Check the egg you've just got. Open your inventory. New eggs are unmistakable. Now check the details of that egg. Now that you've got the eggs, why don't you hatch them? Hatching requires incubators. Let me give you one of this. You've also earned Book Points and skills! Your Book Points show your knowledge in dragons as a number.

cheat Step #2: The object we find is under the spell of a black apostle. If you eat it, you could die or turn into a monster. Before that, that is a rock and cannot be eaten. Remember the [skill] you've just learned? Maybe it can cancel out the Dark Apostle's magic.

code Step #3:Rockon Egg - This dragon possesses rock-hard skin. Therefore, it rarely feels incoming attacks. Even its head is sturdy as a rock. Applecheek - A fairy dragon that dwells deep in the forest. The dragon is quick, smart, and loves pranks, but it's rarely seen due to its cowardly nature.

Dragon Village Step #4: Apple is not supposed to be broken. Then what should I do? First, you must increase your Book Points and learn a new skill. Remember what I said about Book Points? Yes, they show your knowledge in dragons as a number. You should hatch new dragons to get more points. Let's hatch Rockon Egg!

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  • You'll face more problems, and you must solve them on your own. The more problems you face, the more skills you'll need. Otherwise, you can't solve them. In other words, you must continue to increase your Book Points to resolve various situations. Can you only increase Book Points by discovering and hatching dragon eggs? Nope. you can also do that by evolving dragons. Let's Evolve your dragon to earn Book points. To evolve a dragon, it must be at a certain level. For now, let's level up first. Leveling requires dragon eggs and cookies. I'll give you cookies (Exp) so you can level up.
  • Dragons' Talents only take effect when they're your Partner dragon. If there's a specific object you want to discover, you should take a dragon with the corresponding Talent for your partner. Dragon evolution needs Evolution stones. Be grateful that this senior will give you the evolution stone. The higher rarity of the dragon, the more book points you can earn.
  • By increasing your Book Points, you can learn new skills. You can also get information about the new skills from the Book. Let's found the Manual Grinder that we couldn't resolve earlier. What other skills can you learn from here on? Increase Book Points and learn more about dragons!
  • Lava Egg - Born in lava, its skin can endure temperatures of over thousands of degrees. It's eggs are laid in lava, so the chance of finding them is very rare.
  • Gorlock Egg - A rocky dragon made of stone taht's all over its body. Although he has lost many of its characteristics as a dragon, he's being researched since he's similar to Rockon. The problem is that he's too agressive to get close to.
  • Cats Egg - A playful and friendly dragon with cat-like looks and behavior. It is very curious and easily gets close to people, so it has a good reputation.
  • Fat Egg - It lives in hiding when it is young due to its timid nature. As it matures, its body becomes bigger than almost any other dragons. It looks really gentle, but just remember to never steal its food.
  • Treasure Chest - Even if you end the game, I'll let you know when I can get a treasure chest! You have to turn on push notifications in settings! You can get a large amount of treasures every 24 hours, regardless of your current Exploration area.
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