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Cheat Dragon Walled City hack android, ios code

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Hack Dragon Walled City: cheat List
full game (all chapter unlocked) - use hack OVQqV4llv
more business: gym, hardware and brothel - enter pass 5j4voG2Ik
ancient treasure - EAj0tp8lp
gold (money) x1,000,000 - L4FL3HAE2
ancient secret of blade and fist - O5ytyiHjC
unlock all blades - O7KMYDFg4
Month Card x1 code - 47ohkbiX7
upgrade cheat - PMLTYglQh
daily gift bag x10 - h0qsqizI1
secret combination - 5dBTI4Nek
level up - kwvgZ98iK
unlock all special attack - 8wlCSPRUP
increase stats - 1hLt5ES1B
instant finish - 1NohOUdZX
special reward - ZabMjwiNS
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Game Story
You are ready. Dragon walled city, a outlaw city in the legend. A city you mean to be Son of the dragon.
Win a battle: the top right value is enemies's life attack until it become 0. The top left value is your gang life. You will lose the battle when it become 0. Use the left joystick to move. keep press A button tp perform a endless combo. Long press A button to perform a heavy attack. Smash down one enemy before you perform a combo is safe strategy to bring damage.
Dragon Walled City Hack Basics
Start your business: different business run with different cost and daily income. Some bussiness will unlock new feature when the leve is up. Some business run in city will decrease income.
Manage a district - city is too crowned. Water, rubish, electricity problem will affect the district income. Find the scouce and fix it as soon as you can. If you busy on some district, your gang will run the place for you. It cost 20% district income for maintance fee.
Hint & Tips
1. Press S perform a special attack, recharge the special power bar with combo attack.
2. Light attack combo will speed up after the third hit. Advanced combo will unlock in level 3 gym.
3. Press B to dodge. Dodge in the last moment when you get hit. The escape counter mode will be active. You are invincible and attack damage will be double up in a short time.
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Dragon Walled City Redeem gift code
1. KErmKwT6HWplWA2
2. zZLe0bzJjpDGkFH
3. hdpg9vnJfe2NEot
4. Qvsf9tSBVLdC1Ob
5. ok1SGdePKdSIMVO
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date13 October 2020
Last Modified13 October 2020
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