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One year ago a destructive force plummeted from the sky. It was death crown, the unrivaled king of the living and the dead. The king had returned after a full century, and the castle burned ferociously and mercilessly that night. Against all odds, king Gram of the humans emerged victorious and claimed the throne as the rightful king. Dragons and humans became mortal enemies. A year-long war commenced between humans and the races that supported the dragons. Welcome to new android game, i'm your guide, cheat-on. Warrior – stands the forefront and protects allies. Uses skills fueled by Rage. Archer – a beautiful forest guardian who uses her power of Focus to land fatal blows. Priest – a healer of divine light who protects party members while punishing the enemy. Mage – a powerful mage who uses the element of fire to deal devastating damage. Rogue – a versatile rogue who dominates the battle with fast and relentless attacks.

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I can't believe the orcs have reached this far. This kingdom will be destroyed if the war continues. Since I just saved your life, let me ask a favor. You might be able to end this war if you listen. In order to end this war, we must first discover the root of it all. Go to adventurer's Inn and look for Belle snow. She may have a clue regarding the cause of this war...This is your fate. You're going to need allies for future adventures. Tap on allies at the bottom of the screen. These are the allies who wish to help you. You can recruit them into your party anytime. Select an ally tap add at the bottom to have them join you. You'll run into different allies who will help you through out your adventure. Rage rush – inflicts damage proportional to rage. Hidden blades – inflicts damage and disables skills.

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You can check out different dungeons and enter them from the world map. You need shoes to enter dungeons. Adventures usually consume 2 shoes. 1 shoe is replenished every 10 minutes. The hill east of the castle that was overrun by monsters after the battle. It became known as Gnollwood after it became inhabited by Gnolls. Bosses appear in stages marked red, where there is a higher chance of acquiring equipment. Be prepared before braving these stages. Your allies will fight autonomously in battle, so you don't need to worry about them. The rogue uses vigor. Vigor is recharged when hidden blades is used, and it is the foundation to the dance of death. You can only use skill when the cooldown is over.

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1. D4R0sv0Var - rubies
2. BroJk5pqiC - tickets
3. fYBUMzoL3i – gold coins
4. yvGOFLTyR3 – friend points
5. vMvMA1ngvJ – premium ally
6. 4nFceYG6Jf – unlimited shoes
7. 0qhmITY1hg – surprise chest

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