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Your goal is to build the most majestic castle of the four kingdoms by using the tiles of the ancient dragon castle, now in ruins. You will get victory points by creating sets of tiles of the same type (same color) and building shrines on top of them. Choose a tile from the top floor of the dragon castle. Touch the tile to select it, and touch it again to confirm the selection. As in the traditional Mahjong solitaire, only tiles where a long side is free are considered available.

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After first picking a tile, you have three actions to choose from. YOu can get another identical tile or add a shrine to your reserve, or even discard the previously chosen tile, obtaining 1 victory point. For now, focus on the foundations of your new castle. Take another tile, you have to look for a tile identical to the one previously picked. It’s time to place the tiles in your realm! Usually you’ll want to place them one next to the other, as it will make it easier to score points later. Touch an available space to select it, and touch it a second time to confirm.

Dragon Castle cheats, hack codes

Now you can pass the turn. Your opponents will play their turn and then it will be your turn again. Before learning how to score points, let’s prepare your realm a bit. When you place a set of at least 4 adjacent tiles of the same type (same color), these get automatically consolidated. Larger sets of tiles earn you more points. Adjacent tiles can be at different heights. Tiles that are close diagonally are NOT considered adjacent. With the tiles you just picked, you can consolidate a set of merchants (yellow tiles).
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You have consolidated a set of 6 tiles and gained 5 points. Larger sets give more points and sets of dragons (purple tiles) give 1 additional point. Consolidated tiles are turned face down, allowing you to place other tiles on top of them. You can build shrines on newly consolidated tiles. Shrines built on the first floor are worth 1 point, 2 on the second, and 3 from the third onwards. TO place a Shrine, tap one of the highlighted spaces to select it, then tap it a second time to confirm.

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After mastering the tules of the game, try adding a spirit when you create a game, and take advantage of its formidable powers. Spirits introduce special moves that you can use once per turn, in additional to the basic actions. To activate a spirit you must discard a tile from your realm or a shrine from your supply. By destroying the highlighted tile, you can unlock the dragon tile you need to complete set. By consolidating the set of Dragon tiles you will be able place two shrines, so it’s better to take a shrine as your second action turn. Place the tile you collected to consolidate the set of dragon tiles and place the two shrines to gain more points. OMlwti - supply box
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The points you are earning from the dragon are indicated by the yellow counter, which updates according to your moves. how and where enter

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