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Three years ago, the continent of Dragonia was falling slowly to the invasion led by Cain and his Chaos legion. As chaos stirred up strife among the dragons of Pendragon leaving the continent unprotected, Abel, the Paladin of saint kingdom and brother of Cain, fought bravely... But he was unable to overcome the enemy. When the world was about to consumed by the darkness, a ray of light, a ray of hope, emerged. Louis, the boy who went on an adventure a ray of light, a ray of hope, emerged of the legendary dragon Carsianna, has finally become a dragon hero.

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After a desperate final battle with Cain, Louis defeated the evil incarnate and became a new legend. Countless heroes were killed, and Louis disappeared, but the survivors breathed a sigh of relief for the piece they found once again. They soon rebuilt the kingdom from the ashes and the scars of war were quickly forgotten. But one by one, the dragons came to realize. Darkness had not truly been eradicated. And another legend would soon begin.

Dragon Heroes Tactics cheats, hack codes

Touch one of the activated tiles to select skill. THe round icon on the left is the basic skill. You can move to one of the green tiles. Evade the guardian’s attack by moving behind Lea. The round icon on the right is the special skill icon. Touching this icon readies the special skill. When the special skill is ready to use, you can check its information and range. Start battle - here, you can edit and change the placement of heroes to deploy. Lea is balanced in attack and defense. Since we don’t have a tank hero, we will place her in the front.
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Bloody Mary has a basic skill that attacks all enemies positioned in a straight line. As it happens, there are 3 monsters lined up in the left row. It is important to check the attack range of your heroes and place the where their attack will more effective. Asura is a DPS hero with superb attack power but low HP. Low HP characters are best protected behind other heroes. Support heroes like Iris who assits other units from the back generally have low HP and are better protected in the back. Support hero skills are a little more effective when used early in the battle. 1 cycle is the number of turns equal to the number of all surviving ally and enemy heroes at the time when a skill is used.

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Large beam - shoots a piercing laser to deal 100% damage to all enemies. Cannot be defended or evaded. Removes all enemies’ entire damage reduction effect.
Ruthless Judgment - deals 100$ damage to all enemies. Triggers corruption on all enemies inflicted with curse.
Summon beam - shots a piercing laser to deal damage to 1 enemy column. Recovers HP equal to 20$ of the total damage. cl6ANU - supply box
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