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Dragon Idle Adventure Game story: We were looking forward to this visit for years. But something was wrong. The streets were empty and everyone was gone. And then we sow a crystal with powerful dark magic. This place is cursed! It’s like everyone disappeared at the same time. Maybe that abandoned orchard holds a clue. Let’s rebuild it. I have called on our dragon friends to ask for their help. In the meantime, i’ll send in my magic little helpers to gather apples from the Orchard. Looks like the Orchard has some apples that need collecting. Let’s setup the collector’s post for you so you can begin.

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Guess it’s my turn now to send these goods out to our dragon friends. The spell worked! The dragons loved the apples and they want more! Let’s level up the Orchard to increase its production. As for the crystal blocking our way, i think a powerful counter-magic can break it. But the spell is still missing something. Spell cards - that’s exactly what i was looking for. Now we’re ready to cast the spell to break the crystal that’s blocking our way. Something terrible happened here. I’m sure there are more crystals up ahead.

Dragon Idle Adventure cheats, hack codes

We need to get more of cards and dragon fruits to level units up, stat! I finally got around to opening the best shop in all of Dragonshore! We’ve got a free chest to collect! Looks like it will be available again in a few hours. I wonder if i can conjure a spell to notify us when a free chest is ready to collect? Complete quests, collect recipe items, summon new dragons, and break crystals.
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Assign dragons - they’ll keep habitats going while you’re offline. He will do whatever he can to help you. He can stay in the Orchard and manage things: hopefully more dragons will join us along the way. Us dragons are the key to production while you’re away. Maybe we can have more dragons to help us at jenkins’ hut and collector’s post.

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