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. Android game Dragon nest cheat hack code - holy recruit, unlimited energy, potential code, level up, vip status, gold coins, heraldries (New York, Unated state).

Welcome to the Mana Ridge! This is a peaceful small town, with kind and beatiful creatures on the ground. Glad to see you awakened! Someone found you in passed out in the field, so we brought you back. Holly puzzle can offer you soul of a particular hero.

Dragon nest cheats android, ios hack codes

Dragon nest  –  warrior class
Warrior class – sent back through time by the Goddess to save the continent of Lagendia. Nimble fighter with ablebodied physique who specializes in close-combat tactics. Cleric class – well – rounded enaugh to switch roles as a suppot, defense or attack depending on the situation. Archer – expert of flexibility and marksmanship, being able to use bows and arrows as lethal weapons to enemies. Sorceress – utilizes vision magic to unleash powerful AOE and direct damage spells, who dishes out the most magical damage.

Dragon nest - secret code hack tips

Dragon nest  –  hack codes
You can get a large amount of soul through recruitment. Any upgrade of hero and equipment improve your CE. 1 energy point restores every 15 minutes, take good use of it. Tap or hold down to feed the experience potion. Use the heraldry to upgrade your hero. This time i'll hack you hearldy off, next time you have to collect them yourself. Most monsters love to hoard some heraldries in their nests. The stronger monsters are, the more powerful heraldries will be. Always keep this enough, don't turn your head, this is just one of the ways to strengthen yourself. While you are leveling up, don't forget to upgrade your skills. Use experience potions to level up your heroes.

how to enter hack cheats Dragon nest.

1. oH7E9nKSK6 – holy recruit
2. RzamhB11vE – unlimited energy
3. 4x8mtfP8cz – potenctial code
4. hiMQd8nB0q – level up
5. orrTx7408z – vip status
6. 6rfP1qvIkf – gold coins
7. ewa6mtcOhL - heraldries

how and where enter
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