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Arima used to be a prosperous kingdom, populated by dragons, where each was associated an element. Until dragons with multiple elements came to life, but the kingdom rejected them. Very quickly, the new generation and their defenders rebelled and a war broke out. Rebels' strength was peerless, and they invaded in a sudden the royal citadel of Arima. The citadel was under chaos. Taking advantage of the discord, a young dragon named Maracas managed to escape with ten dragon eggs. After a long and exhausting flight, Maracas saw what seemed to be a desert island in the distance, a safe Exhausted after such a long journey, the young dragon crashed on the island's beach and fell asleep. A silhouette then approached Maracas, still plunged into a deep sleep. It stopped by him, and then took in its hands one of the eggs spread on the beach.

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welcome to the island! My name is cheat-on. I am going to teach you how to become a great dragon master. First, you must hatch an ember dragon. Building a habitat – before hatching a dragon egg, you must make sure you have an place that suits him living in. A fire habitat seems to suit our ember dragon perfectly well. Choose where you want to build your fire habitat and wait until the construction is over! Once the construction is finished, tap your building to collect a rewards. Tap the button lace in order to place your dragon into the fire habitat you just built. Now, tap your fire habitat and your ember dragon will start generating gold as the time passes. Dragons tend to have a big appetite. You better build a farm if you want to feed them. Like the fire habitat, choose where you want to place your farm and tap the confirm icon. All you now need to do is to wait until the construction is finished.

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Now that your farm is built, you can start planting fruit. The best thing is that when you plant fruits, you also get experience as a rewards. By feeding your dragons, they get stronger. By breeding two dragons, you can get the egg of a new dragon. Dragons you get when breeding depend on the elements of their parents. For example, the fly dragon (fire and water) can be obtained, depending on your luck, when breeding a fire and a water dragon. When one habitat's gold has reached its maximum capacity, it doesn't produce gold anymore. Don't forget to collect it regularly! Congratulations! You are now officially a dragon dresser! You may have a look at the quests panel on the left. It is now time for you to fly by your own wings.

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