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Look at those bodies on the ground! What brings you to this island? You can’t remember? YOu have no idea why you’re here? Acorns alive! That’s the questocrat’s chronicle! The tome of the greatest explorer this planet has ever seen! But then one day, out of the blue, he just vanished. How did you three come to be in possession of it? You don’t even know that? You must be the new questocrats! Here to explore the planet! I’ve always dream of accompanying the questocraft on a quest or two! Seeing as you remember next to nothing, let’s start from the basics. Try to remember this now.

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Just travelling around here on this planet is adventure. Look at the allas to find your way. See that question mark? Just tap it. We may encounter monsters on the way, of course. So have your wits about you! You’re worried just the three of you won’t manage? Then a helper is what you need! It;s important to have the right equipment and supplies when you’re questing. Make use of whatever you find! The adventure begins! Let’s go and find out all the secrets this planet of ours is hiding!

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Though with battle set to auto, we can just sit back and watch. Your gauge is almost full! As soon as it fills up, it’s time to tap that skill button! Now, let’s see if you can crack a combo! Everyone should try to unleash their special skills in unison! Wait for everyone’s gauges to fill up. Then unleash your skills one after the other. When you successfully unleash back to back skills, it’s called a combo! A group of you can deal tremendous damage. Now you receive experience for the first time, and find out what items you acquired.
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Your HP will be completely restored as well, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Did you see blue stars? Those are adventure points. Your aim is to amass as many points as possible and become a questocrat. Now then, let me invite you into my home town! The Bushy bazaar - the beating heart of Squirril commerce. There are many sorts of shops in the bushy bazaar, every one selling useful for adventurers such as yourselves. The mystery chests have all sorts of armor and weapons on offer. The more stars are shown, the more rare the item is.

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