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Dragon clan ruled over the world since ancient times. Under the reign of the dark knight and the four lords, they enslaved the other living creatures. To escape from oppression, humanity drank from dragonblood, thus becoming hybrids - obtaining the strength of dragons. War erupted between the hybrid army in mutiny against the four lords. As such, even the supreme Dark King could not change the the fate of his down. All that was the glory of the Dragon Clan, followed in destruction. As humanity took reign of the world, the fires if vengeance burned within the four lords and the remnants of the dragon clan. They hid among the various corners of the land, waiting in slumber... waiting for their new king’s call.

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Basic controls: Drag the joystick to move. Click to attack and use skills. Tap the object list and navigate. Tap anywhere to continue the dialogue. Follow your heart and choose your response. It will influence the plot. In free exploration, you may complete any side quests, or tap main quest to skip. YOu may change your preference in settings and turn off auto navigation. Tap the ATK button and toggle to ATK stance interface. Use blossom dance on enemies and add fallen Sakura marks to the targets.

Dragon Raja cheats, hack codes

Use Sakura slay to attack enemies with fallen sakura marks, unlocking the End skill ephemeral beauty. Deal heavy damage with end skill Ephemeral Beauty! Click the dodge button to dodge the monster’s attack. Use red lotus to switch to Odachi froms. In odachi froms, view your meitou forms skill CD on the skill bar at the bottom. Use night aftershock to switch to meitou forms. Playing basketball, a gul tar, on swings, driving an excavator, firing a laser cannon...There is much for you to explore in this vast and open world.
Events: Best in the world - first place in training arena points ranking. Invincible bomber - rank in the top 1-5 in the points ranking of bombs away during tallying.
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Click cheat code button to activate blood rage, enhance your power and activate special skill. Click on the group to interact with it to cultivate friends. The more pack you use before, the more rewards you can get after the day. Tap on the rabbit after hacking all daily packs to claim a bonus world tree. Players who have pass - dragon slayer medal use daily offer pack can get additional diamond.

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Dragon Genealogy: a gene is the fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity. The existence of discrete inheritable units was first suggested by Gregor Mendel as a logical deduction a few hundrends of years ago. Later, geneticist Morgan demonstrated that genes are carried on chromosomes with a simple linear structure based on his study of Drosophila. THe term gene was introduced by Danish geneticist Wolhelm in his book - the elements of Heredity.
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