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Lothelan empire – the westen lands of the Lothelan empire include humans, elves, and halflings. They have steadfast that only faith can maintain order. They are not steadfast that only faith can maintain order. Thy are not sympathetic to heretics. They love peace but are not afraid of war. Ashitar alliance – the eastern Ashitar alliance, or "blood alliance", is comprised of draken, barbarians, and undead. They have incredible martial spirit, and they worship power and honor. They believe death in battle is the greatest honor. Human – hunting skill level bonus. Chance to decrease cooldown time after using skills. The kingdoms of mortal men support the Valicar and resolutely believe that "only pure souls can enter the land of the creator. Elf – gathering skill bonus. Slow debuffs shortened, dodge increased. The exquisite Elves have eternal life and have exceptional ability in poetry, arts, and communion with nature. Halfing – less stamina is used for engineering skills. Increased dodge and critical. The vigorous halflings are a happy go luck lot. They always long for food and their homeland.

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Barbarian – higher maximum health points. Increased attack and critical damage. These natural born warriors worship power, and their difficult upbringing endears in them the idea that only the strong survive. Undead – less stamina is used for enchantment production. Chance to deal extra damage and recover when attacking. The undead believe that death and destruction are just the beginning. Draken – increased stamina. Decreases time of continuous enemy attacks. The proud Drakens are few in number due to low breeding, but they have incredible aptitude for power and magic. Warrior – proficient in weapons and with incredible stamina. They are experienced warriors with incredible skill in battle. They can even summon souls to fight alongside them for a brief time.

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Cleric – through pure faith, clerics have the power to heal the wounded. When clerics chant the ancient language, they can even bring one back to life. Mage – magic is not a secret to the mages. Through careful study and spiritual cultivation, they are able to use the power of magic. The west Valicar believes in the Everlasting light. They believe only faith can lead souls to eternity. You can switch camera settings at any time in the system settings. Tap the quest description to move to the quest location. You can quickly tap or hold down the main attack button. Parry rate is a class's special stat. It cannot be improved. Guild tech can grant members incredible rewards.

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1. fuN8O2EWLw – mount crystal
2. FkzTNcSxqD – fortitying stone
3. zVLKUDsuLg - silver
4. Gxk2Zj4TN2 – gift pack
5. NnKYBcSmQC - epic weapon
6. ZeOkT1Z9Mo – diamonds gem
7. SdeenyQl8U - upgrade
8. IeWJwRJDY9 – level up
9. MZozPg2IjF - gold

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