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The brand new android game will be live on 2019. In DSF, you can experience fierce battles by becoming a divine dragon, uncover a rich storyline that reveals the secrets of the ancient divine dragons, and engage in dozens of activities, both PvE and PvP, including world Bosses, Demonic Invasions, and massive PvP battlefields.
In order to celebrate our release, massive bonuses will be given to players within the game. Equipment, companions, mounts, wings, and so much more are waiting for you, so hurry into the game and collect your ASAP!

Dragon Storm Fantasy hack

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Characters: warrior - the king of the battlefield, is the solid shield of the army. With the invincible sword in his hand, he will fight for Arcus forever. Archer - the agile and free soul, hunts prey in the darkness. Once be targeted by her arrow, nobody has the chance to escape. Mage - the manipulator of all elements, dominates the whole battleground. Elegantly waving he wand, he manipulates elements to cause damages to enemies.

Dragon Storm Fantasy cheats, hack codes

The gods have been overthrown and the world plunged into darkness. But one last hope remains. You must heed destiny’s call, embrace the might of the dragon souls, control the awesome power within, and rise as the lord of all dragons! Don the radiant armor of dragons and fight back. Burn our enemies to ahs with a triumphant roar.
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Wake up, the chosen hero, the last hope of Arcus! The trial of fate has begun, may the divine dragons be with you. Demons that want the divine dragon crystal have surrounded the temple of divine dragons. We need your help! Use normal attack to defeat the demons. Try to use skills to defeat the enemy quickly. Use the dragon crystal to dispel the ice from the temple guards before it’s too late. The dragon crystal is the fruit of dragon soul power. I hope you can use this strength carefully!
Complete main quests to activate divine dragon, which can not only grant you great power, but also allow you to transform into a dragon in battles.

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