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Welcome, new Dragontamer, and relax! This is your first contact with a dragon, i get that you’re nervous. Don’t worry, it’s my duty to guide you in taming and looking after dragons! Every outstanding trainer knows to prepare a comfortable habitat for their dragon. Tap on the shop button to buy a habitat! Dragons have their own favourite habitats based on their elements. If you want to tame a fire dragon, then build a fire habitat.
Well done, the Habitat is ready. Are you ready to receive your first dragon? Let’s head to the hatchery! We’re short on dragon eggs now. Tap on the cheat codes button to hack a raging fire egg.

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Dragontamer, each egg needs time to hatch. Wait patiently for the whelp to crack its shell! Or, tap on the hatch button, and then spend gems to speed up this process. Newborns are very weak. Helping them grow up is one of our commander’s important responsibilities. Here’s some food, keep tapping of the feed button to develop your whelp. Your whelp has evolved and learnt a new skill. Next, i’ll teach you how to plant the food that dragons love.

Dragon Tamer cheats, hack codes

First, build a farm. Just like building the Habitat, let’s visit the shop. Tap on buildings to purchase a farm. A day’s work for a day’s food. Select your farm, and tap on plant food to start producing food. Different planting methods require different gold costs and production times. First, let’s try sunlight plant. Now, tap on the farm to reap food. Remember to grow enough food for your dragons. Now, let’s go back to the habitat where our dragon plays while idle, leaving behind gold for us. This could grow into a fortune. Each habitat only has limited gold reserves. Make sure you collect it all in time. Select the fire habitat and tap on the collect button.
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My Lord, you have done well in your work. Next, let me teach you how to check your quests. Dragontamer’s quests are various. Tap on the quests button to view your quests. Completing quests takes up a lot of energy, but naturally we are rewarded handsomely.
Tap on breed button. Each dragon belongs to an element, and characters we breed inherit those elements! So let’s first select blades and raging fire. Then tap on the heart plant to start breeding. Breedings eggs takes time, but you can spend gems to speedup this process.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features: you’re growing stronger and stronger. Now it’s time for our final lesson: to explore this world together with your dragons.
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Each dragon has 3 skills: the 1st skill can be used any time, but is geenrally weak. The other 2 skills are more powerful, but have a cooldown period of a few turns. Coordinating skills is a core role of a dragontamer. Your command has brought us victory. battles in the future will become more and more difficult. Keep striving and powerful up your dragons.
Upgrading habitats and use cheats can increase the maximum gold yield and also the maximum dragon capacity. Rarity determines a unit’s power. Characters are ranked from common, uncommon, rare and epic. View a dragon’s rarity on the icon to the left of its name.
There is a limit of Habitats you can build on island. When you reach the limit, sell off unwanted habitats. how and where enter

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