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Truth and law march boldly forward, the course of fate foretells the end of time. Only a chosen few can save the world from destruction. Those brave souls charged with the task of saving world trusted by a Queen, guided by an Archmage seek relics long forgotten in realms lost to time. The wheel of fate begins to turn once again..

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Bloodborn - damage dealer, melee, high burst, silences and stuns tagets, high mobility.
Elf - mage: damage dealer, ranged, extremely high damage, immobilizes and slows targets. Cleric - healer, removes debuffs, supports all allies.
Human - warlord: damaged dealer, melee, sustained damage, control immunity, balanced. DEF - tank, draws aggro, damage reduction.
Dragonborn - gunslinger: cute girl with guns blazing, AoE damage. Plasma girl - girl from future, uses energy shield to protect allies.

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We have shaken the Dark army and collected the three relics. You are right on time. Commander is in the Dryad Village right now. He’s been stuck in a negotiation with Dryad Chief about entering world tree. Go help the commander in the negotiation, and take the wine with you! And don’t forget to bring some Dryad Brew with you!
The World tree is where the world was created. It’s also our destination. And you, my child, are their last hope.
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Dragonsoul sumons introduction: this ghastly land, filled with terrifying darkness, is echoing with roars of ancient dragons, as though tempting the brave to unravel its mysteries. Secret mount rewards can be found in Dragonsoul Mirage.
Dryad Crown - after the mythic war, some Elves went to Eden forest to establish a new home. Others, unwilling to levave the world tree, because the dryads under the influence of the tree’s power, and weaved a crown to be the symbol of their leader.
To prevent the return of the darkness, the elves of Eden forest joined forces with the Dryads of the world tree to create an enchantment to protect the tree. With knowledge from Iselin, Sovereign of the Gods, and water from the Holy Spring, they created a gem for the crown, the one and only key that opened a path to the World Tree, to be guarded zealously by each dryad Chief.

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  • Tap skins to view all outfits you have received. Outfits not only look cool, they also increase your battle rating.
  • Pick your class and evolve heroes.
  • Explore massive world, unlock legendary chests.
  • Team up to fight epic boss. Become the King of PvP battlefield. Unique dragon tamin system.
  • You will be able to transform into a dragon and take down all murderous enemies.

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  • Battle Pets are your most loyal companions. In the heat of battle, they will always be right by your side!
  • Hunting monsters is the main way of getting equipment and crafting materials.
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  • When yu find something extra fun in the game, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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