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The evil forces wake up, the creation god exhausts the power to seal the evil forces, turns into dark coasts. Rocky, not recognized by the father and brother, out of jealousy and desire, stealing dark coasts of arms to release evil forces, dark gods coming to the mainland, will be chaotic with killing bring the world.
The evil spirits wake up, the darkness covers the mainland, and only the destiny can save this chaotic world.

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Drag the joystick and move to the specified position. Summon hero shining knight for help an heal your characters. Summon hero medusa to control the fleeing enemies.
Experience cheat code can be use to increase hero level. Altar - is a secret place of pray, all the treasure inside are waiting for you. benefit - there are many event in the compliment, abundant reward. Earn achievements to receive a large number of diamonds. Diamonds pray the altar, good things wiat for you more. Enhance is the very basic of attribute increase.

Dragons Breath cheats, hack codes

1. lKnBWp - level up
2. 6xzF4j - voucher
3. pma9Y4 - shard
4. U8o0Kt - free stat point
5. zkv3oM - shards

Striking strike: stormstout wield weapon to slam the ground to specified direction, dealing physical damage to the enemies within range and reduction enemy movement speed. Killer dash - stormstout rolling around to specified direction, each time tumbling causes physical damage to the enemy and knocks them back. Brutal fist - stormstout punches continuously to specified direction, dealing a total of physical damage to the enemies within range and stunning enemy. Overdrive - stormstout perform high angle jump and hit the ground and spark the flame, dealing a total.
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Dancing blade - talon rotate in place and release multiple daggers, dealing a total of physical damage to nearby enemies and reducing enemy movement speed. Fire blow - Lina summons a bursting fireball to assault enemy, dealing damage to enemies within range. Fire bolt - fires scorch of flame to specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies on the path and stun enemy. Inferno blaze - release flame laser, dealing damage and reduces enemy movement speed, can change the laser direction by moving.

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PQqy5h - luxury weapon
yHkeW0 - altar summon heroes
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FTdX3s - medals
kPTXld - awaken
Hack 31ntnr - artifacts
Cheat XKf0T4 - evade
CGMdfD - elite ticket.
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