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To increase your city level you need to reach a population of 15. Your city core will produce citizens (workers) as long as housing is available. In order to be more efficient in exploring, and defending your city, you'll need better equipment. Before you cna craft new weapons or armor you'll have to perform some research (more on that later), but you can already craft some more repair kits. Press "C" to open the crafting window, then select the makeshift repair kit and click the craft button. If you don't have enough workers or power, you can disable less important buildings to make sure others remain operational.

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First step in food production is growing raw food. A purptato farm should do the trick. You will find it in the 'gathering' category. Additional features and mechanics such as research, infrastructure upgrades, and automated harvesters will unlock as you progress and increase your population. Infrastructure window - here you can use upgrade materials to upgrade your infrastructure and receive permanent benefits. CLick the upgrade button to purchase upgrade points. You can then click the different areas of your infrastructure to upgrade them. Once upgraded, you can allocate points to special perks in the different areas. These provide more specialized bonuses and abilities.
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