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Free hack Dream Raiders cheats code list - hero summon, promotion, speed up, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dream Raiders cheat world: when we sleep, a part of us awakens in aplace called the dream realm. Until the power of nightmare broke free, spreading darkness across the dream realm. When all hope seemed lost, a new generation of dreamers emerged. They can summon great heroes and lead them into battle. We call them dream raiders. The heroes they summon come from three realms. The history realm: warriors, rules, and sages from humankind’s past.

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The Myth realm: demigods, spirits, and champions remembered in legend and song. The fantasy realm: powerful heroes drawn from today’s most imaginative dreamers. The war to save the dream has dragged on for years, and characters have never stopped fighting. A massive assault on Somnopolis is about to begin. Many heroes and nightmares fell in the last great battle. Some fell into a deep sleep, while others shattered to pieces. Nightmares still wander the land 100 years later. A new dream, raider is coming. A leader with the wisdom and strength to rule the dream realm.

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Though i am still weak, i’d happy to guide you through this new world. All i ask is that you find and reawaken my fellow heroes so we can finally defeat the forces of nightmare. This is a good a place as any to set up your realm. Let’s gather some resources and get building. We won’t survive long without troops, so we should build a barracks and recruit some. Just remember you can place the barracks wherever you want. Training takes time, and you don’t need to stare at the barracks waiting for it to finish.

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Since the heroes of the dream realm come from the collective unconscious, they can never truly die. When some heroes fall into reverie, they end up in a stage. If you’re strong enough to win, you can reawaken them. Conquer as many stages as you can and just might gather enough heroes to defeat nightmare for good. Upgrading heroes and buildings is the foundation of a strong realm, and conquering stages is the best way to improve your heroes. Training troops, enhancing heroes, and strenghthening the ream - this is how we’ll conquer Somnopolis.

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