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Hey Boss, it’s Cheat-on. YOu made me your assistant and i’m supposed to help you run this company. So i’ll tell you right off the bat that it was a good choice - i got some news! A new estate called the “dream corner” has been opened in the town. All houses are sold, but they need some finishing works. That’s a great opportunity for experts like us. A task this responsible cannot be entrusted to someone with no qualifications. This is where our academy can give you a hand.

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Have a look at the building with the rooms sign and press the book button, which will take you to your first lecture. Your task is to finish the house by choosing the right rooms for its design and by decorating it with accessories. The game board% in the bottom row are the room cards - study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room. And in the top row are the resource cards. For 12 rounds, you will be picking columns from the game board. Room cards are a sub-type of cards. These can be placed on one of the 10 empty spaces of the two top floors of your house.

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Drag your picked room card to the marked empty space of your house. The cards says how many points you will be rewarded for building a room of given size. For example, if your living room consists of 3 cards, you will be given 9 points for it. Drag your room card to the marked empty space of your house. Rooms are built horizontally. At this moment, your living room consists of 2 cards, so you will be given 4 points for it.
Another type are basement room cards. These stand out by their reward points as specified at the top. These cards are placed on the two empty spaces of the lowest floor of your house.
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At the beginning of a game, you are allowed to place your card on one of the three empty spaces on the first floor and the two empty spaces in the basement. That is because you cannot place your card above an empty space while building. During house expansion, you must not exceed the maximum size of a room, as it is determined on its card. If a room achieves its maximum size, it is closed for further cards of the same type. They can still be placed on the upper and lower floors. They can also be placed on the same floor, but only as long as adjacent rooms are not of the same type.

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In the top line of the game board are only roof cards. They appear in four colors. Once drawn, they are placed on the roof of your house. During the game, you cannot see what roof cards you own. The only information you have is their number. That is why you should take note of what colors you pick. By the ened of the game four roof cards are picked, while the rest is discarded. If your roof consists of cards of the same color, it is uniform, and worth 8 points. If you roof is not uniform, and thus does not consist of four same color cards. It is worth 3 points. Each window grants you 1 additional point, but only if the roof is complete. eYJNwO - supply box
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If you decide to draw card from the first column of the game board, instead of a resource card you will be given the first player marker, and in the next round you will be the first to draw cards of your choice. One more privilege is given to the first player. It is available in game for 2 or 3 players. First player is obligated to discard one column at the beginning of the turn. Discard a column by pressing yellow button with cross icon, above pointed column. how and where enter

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