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Free hack DreamWorks Universe of Legends cheats code list - red hero, guardian stone, gold, promo ticket, friendship, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. DreamWorks Universe of Legends cheat world: heroes from every world will fight by your side. Let me show you a secret master Oogway showed me: the guardian stone altar, through which you’ll summon friends both familiar and new. Let’s see who first answer our call. Basic summons require green guardian stones and reward you with heroes fro 1 to 5 star. And you get a free summon after a certain amount of time.

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Let’s add another hero with a heroic summon. Know that purple guardian stones or moons will improve your odds of summoning a powerful hero from 3 to 5 star. Just think of the bonds you’ll make as these worlds unite. Let’s start by returning that dreamstone to the vault in dreamstone peak. Retrieving a full set of dreamstones will grant you a powerful legendary artifact. Now you’re ready to reclaim the lost dreamstones, one world at a time.

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Where are we going first? The jungles of a place Madagascar, which fill with Droplets and other unsavories as we speak, eager to claim the dreamstone. Let’s add heroes to your lineup. Hero placement yields great dividends. Place heroes in the backline for more output or place them in the frontline to bear more damage. Heroes of different alignments have special advantages over one another. Certain alignments are more effective against others with 15% increase to hit chance and 30% extra damage.

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Both landing blows and receiving them fills a hero’s energy bar. When the bar is full, heroes will release powerful skill attacks. The hero shards you obtained can also be used to summon heroes. Lower star heroes contribute little to your team power. Let’s visit Megamind’s De-Sembler to help you disassemble this hero. Materials earned now can be saved for future hero enhancements. Our new friend wants to help out, but they’re a little too weak. Let’s use the material we just received to upgrade this higher star hero. Why don’t you give them an XP potion and some coins? It will significantly improve their ability to fight. As you continue to explore different worlds, you will face increasingly powerful foes. To meet those challenges head-on, i’ll teach you how to equip gear.

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