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New password version 01.12.2020: Hack Pet - WOixePnx2 ; wings - abFLZAEhA; premium outfit - YDS0BOMqN; Men model - NJJVPjWrc
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Dress up Time Princess redeem codes

In the past, there was a girl who found a mysterious lectern. She discovered that she can use it to enter the worlds within books. She made a lot of great friends while living through the stories and met someone she loved deeply.
But alas, a cruel plot forced them apart forever, and they forgot one another. And everything returned to the way they were. Many years later, another girl finds the lectern, and opens a book.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Mom’s always canceling on me! Well, at least i’m in a good mood because i just woke up. Mom’s replications of Rococo fashion are all in the wardrobe. Which one should i try on first? Guess i’ll try on a dress first. I never imagined that rococo dresses could be so beautiful. And next, i need to select a hat. Oh, and there are matching accessories as well? Wonderful!
cheat, Step #2: Am i seeing things? Did a butterfly just fly out of the wardrobe? IS this a lectern? It’s sp old! And what’s this book? You’ve awoken the magic lectern! And i’m Isabel, your mother’s friend. The room is now sealed off from the world until you complete the story. Let me teach you how to enter a story! Tap the story desk now!
Dress up Time Princess code, Step #3: It’s important to wear the right clothes to play your part right. Tap on a black space to return to the previous category. If you fell like taking a break, you can return to your room. You can explore your room as you wish. And if you need help, you can look for me here. Tap on the portrait in the upper left corner to use hack tools, cheats and customize your face and your name. Here, you can freely customize your own hair, face shape, and facial features.
Step #4: You can find clothing sets from the stories in recollections. If you don't complete old tasks in the Memo, you won't get any new ones. Don't delay! Friends help you in times of need. Don't forget to borrow clothing from them!
You can find the photo taking button on the left side of the screen in the changing room. The changing roo, is where you can indulge in the magic of mix and match. Express your creativity. Use two fingers to pinch in or stretch out to adjust character viewing distance.

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