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- doctor! It’s finally the day your plan begins! First of all, i am going to solve the zombies at the institute of the world Earth. Conservation union.
- doctor! Stop it! You kill innocent people!
-It’s innocent? Sounds funny! There is no innocent human being in this world! It’s all like gems that have to disappear from this planet!
- what? Are you going to kill everything in this world?
- Yes, i have prepared a project to purify the earth for a long time by annihilating all human beings. This is the beginning of the plan. The earth purification project has finally begun! So i looked for a partner who is now seeign all of this. He’ll help us more. Let’s proceed with planing in earnest.

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Doctor, you’re here. This is research institute supported by Perkur, but it is not ready yet. You need a place to store your confidential documents, which is the data you’ve studied about humans and zombies. The secret document is the material needed to manufacture the zombie. First, we will create a repository to hold the secret documents.

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You need a culture facility to cultivate the virus. Virus are the most important ingredient for growing zombies. In order to purify the world, it is necessary to develop a virus that can mass produce large quantities at once. Resources for research are sufficient. So let’s build a virus culture room.
Now that you’ve build a virus culture room, you need a repository to store the virus.
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Viruses produced in the culture room will be stored here in the virus store. Now that you’ve got the virus, you need a place to make a zombie - manufacturing room. I will provide you with the materials you need to manufacture the zombie. Do you know what materials you need to make characters? YOu need a secret document that summarizes what you have studied humanity. You can check the manufacturing time after starts. The manufacturing time is randomly assigned to each step.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • When manufacturing begins, the time required is displayed. Start manufacturing with the "production" button.
  • As with building, zombie production can also be done instantly.
  • That you have made a soldier, you can put it into practice. Drag a pending zombie into the team building space. You can configure up to 6 characters for your attack.
  • The acquired virus will be used to raise the level of buildings or zombies.
  • There are still many buildings in the lab? To add a building, you need to upgrade the lab.
  • Depending on the level of the lab, you can build more buildings and upgrade other buildings and manufacturing buildings becomes possible.

Drop The Zombie tips
Hack cheats tutorial Drop The Zombie(wiki):
The DNA core is the material you need to make DNA that can be attached to a zombie.
If you do not know what to do, you can follow the sequential mission. There is a completed mission.
Mission compensation can be found in your mailbox.
Mission rewards can help you grow your lab quickly, so please be sure to follow up on the remaining missions.
Did you know that you can make zombies more powerful by using the produced viruses? You can raise the level of characters by using viruses in level up management. If max is selected, the viruses are automatically selected when raising the level of the selected unit to the maximum. Level up hack is one of the most necessary elements to conquer the world.
Drop The Zombie tutorial

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Disinfectant agent - infected while inspecting hazardous materials. Comical - infected while playing with a zombie. G-man - infected while trying to resolve the plight of zombies. Idol - had no choice but to become a zombie since entire fan club was infected.
Drop The Zombie tips to repair
Secret document storage - a facility to store secret documents for making zombies.
Virus storage - zombie level-up and building upgrades.
Production room - it is a facility to make various zombies.
Breakthroughs are an important factor in growing zombies. Improvement - You can find the ingredients for marginal breakthroughs here. You need the same level of units and a certain amount of gold code.
Limit breaks can be carried out three times in total, and the maximum level and the amount of DNA mountable will be increased each time the limit is exceeded.
unused zombies can be used as a material for marginal breaks, so make a lot of characters and use them as a material. how and where enter
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