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I see a curious souls here! Welcome, young Slasher! Don’t worry, Naga will teach you. You know every big journey starts with a small step! Let’s begin with learning how to move. You can also dash to quickly get close or away from your opponent. You learned to adjust your distance between you and your opponent. And we all know what we do when we are close: attack! Slash is considered a medium attack, It comes out us fast and does OK damage. You can attack faster with quick attacks. Quick slashes are quite fast and also very weak. You can use them to interrupt your opponent’s attack. Simply interrupting your opponent’s attack won’t get you anywhere. You must deal damage! Now attack with Big slash. But be careful! This may hurt them a bit!

Dual Souls The Last Bearer cheats, hack codes

1. MOadLFRJ - Unlock Base Game
2. 8426XA1i - Medals
3. Enter hack pxUsbPLP - Color-Edit Mode
4. Pass VTZkmvxK - arena
5. iiBWcqti - boss stage
6. Enter Vca6GR3w - secret combination
7. 51bCVN3w - unlock heroes
8. qmp7Holj - packs
9. JAce37Ef - great gift pack 2020

Attack: big slashes are quite powerful but also leaves you vulnerable if you miss or your opponent guards. You can also kick your enemy. Kick attacks also have fast/weak and strong variations. Their effects on opponents are specific to each slasher. All attacks can also jump to get away or close to your opponent. You can also attack while crouching. You are a fast learner

Now you understand basic attacking. But also you need to defend, or may be hurt badly. You can guard yourself with your weapon by holding back. There are 3 type of attack that you need to watch out: normal, low, overhead. Normal - can be guarded when you are standing or crouching. You have done this previously. Low attacks can only be guarded when you are holding backward when crouching. Overhead attacks can not be guarded when you are crouching! You must guard while standing! SO your opponent must watch out what you are doing! Otherwise, they could crouch guard all of you attacks!

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  • 1. Don't forget that you cannot guard while you jump! You may wonder what you can do if your opponent is very careful at guarding your attacks. Or as they call it - turtling.
  • 2. You can deal with a turtle by using a throw. A throw can not guarded. But you need to be close. Now you know how to deal with boring turtles. But you should also know how to escape from your opponent's attempts to throw you.
  • 3.One very important thing to remember is to wake up when you are downed by your opponent's attacks. If you stay lying on the floor, your opponent may continue to hit you. To avoid this, hold any button as soon as you hit the ground. You will immediately stand up and will be ready to attack!
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