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Free hack Duel Puzzle Wars cheats code list - unlock heroes, energy, gold, promo ticket, keys, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Duel Puzzle Wars cheat world: welcome, the sky kingdoms have fallen into chaos! Our world needs a savior. Recruit all the heroes, vanquish the opposition and rule our world with justice. Get ready to face your opponent! Heroes attack when gems of their color are matched.

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It’s time to improve your battle team! Try upgrading a hero. Upgrading increases a hero’s stats: damage, hit points and healing. All heroes of the same element attack when their gems are matched. Each hero has a hero power. Match 3 gems to charge the blue hero’s power. keep matching to deal damage and charge the other hero powers.

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Matching 3 purple gems will heal some of your hit points. Remembers: matching colors you don’t have will cause NO damage. Add the new hacking hero to the team. The more characters of the same color, the higher the damage output. Remember to try different heroes and colors, there are endless strategies available.

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Fire heroes have high damage and low hit points. Characters: Melusine - mighty witch of the Urthan forest, both fickle and powerful. Argos - captain of Navy of the isle of Shar, the floating sea.
Battlefield 2 reached! Here you can fight multiplayer duels and recruit many new heroes. Upgrading heroes will also increase your player level. Your training is complete. YOu’re ready to duel against other players and complete for the fate of the Sky kingdoms!

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