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Free hack Dungeon & Alchemist cheats code list - gold, sands of time, speed up, promo ticket, level up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dungeon & Alchemist cheat world: go ahead and automatically attack the monster. When you kill a monster, you can earn gold and alchemy materials. You can create and sell alchemy items. You can also get pet that help combat. Produced items are available at quickbar. You can upgrade your ATK and HP with gold and red gems and mounting equipment (enhanced, disassemble).

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Through a alchemical research can enhance a variety of skills and alchemy. You can also get artifacts with different abilities. Performing a variety of quests you can get the diamond.

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You can use the sands of time when over 20 stage and you can get the red gems for the research and enhance equipment. Alchemy - increase research max level, buff time and decrease cool time of scroll.

Dungeon & Alchemist wiki
Discover artifacts that have various abilities. The sands of time - consume the gold and attack and HP upgrades using with gold to create the sands of time. Use the sands of time for go back to stage 1 and you can get the red gem.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: started package - rare equipments: fancy sword, void shield, snake amulet, emerad ring. You can buy empty bottles and summon powerful equipmentin the shop. Play with friends then more fun and gold.
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Tutorial Dungeon & Alchemist(wiki): Create potions and spells with the ingredients you get from killing monsters! Overcome with an alchemy item even if a powerful boss appears! As you research alchemy, you can get Powerful potions and magic scrolls! Upgrade your rankings beyond the limitations of alchemy upgrades, fortifications, artifacts, petals, etc.
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