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1. 1H9HrP40wvXTOpa - knight cheat (Lv1: stage clear, heal +3; lv5: get 1 additional skills at the start of the game; lv10: stage clear, heal +8; lv15:amount of damage received +2)
2. WCGd67hdoqshegV - fighter code: fast speed and strong crowd control(Lv1: get ghost at the start of the game; lv5: max HP +20; lv10: weapon skill cooldown +20; lv15:attack power per Ghost mod +2; lv 20: ATK speed +25%)
3. 0bidnYSko1w6X9j - slayer hack: wide attack range and fast attack speed (Lv1: passive skill madness achieve, magic skill cannot be acquired; lv5: kill the enemy, 20% chance to heal +1; lv10: damage taken per Madness stack 2% increase; lv15: super armor while using basic skills; lv 20: insanity no longer loses stacks when moving)
4. J2QU6guKMZ2dDhx - remove ads pass (remove ads + 1000 soulstones)
5. t7rwalY3ypu5oux - nautilus package reward voucher( slayer weapon Nautilus + 10000 soul stones)

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1. vn2QULQsXo4RjuU 2. Fs0WYWM6KkzOf1Q 3. AAiHb4ohTPvfDKm 4. OUsh3VNO3cVirSg 5. qHAWbh7ntNMxYNl 6. ltnrmyqD8huTYox 7. sqFdgXZnmtgoqKu 8. nhItjnkMHKHQKCe 9. NDMhbnmnTIH0Yio 10. 43uhiFTOvcuqV14

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