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Beginning of star, in the distant ancient times. Onto the world where only the bleak earth and the dark sky existed descended Goddess and her clan. They have created the World Tree in the center of the continent. Blesses it and breathed life into the great tree. They have created the first providence in the world... As the life forms started to take its breath, citizens of stars were birthed on the land. They worshiped the goddess and accepted her wisdom. They started to grow and proliferate civilization. The land prospered and civilization grew. Then one day, the Darkness from deep underground opened its eyes. Those born with evil, behind the radiance of the stars, were called Demonic Beasts. They challenged the World Tree and the goddess with only single purpose: devastation. The star vibrant with life was tormented in a giant cyclone of war. The war that ravaged the world finally ended in the victory of the goddess and the gods. The goddess then sealed the Demonic Beasts in the deepest bottom of the World Tree. The goddess and her followers have exhausted all their energy through years of wars. As a result, they have fallen into eternal sleep, after leaving behind the World Tree Key and the pledge for stability and peace of the star. That was how the Age of Gods game to an end.

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