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Dungeon Survival cheat world: Once upon a time, a group of wizards headed out for ancient relics, but no one ever heard of them again. Dungeons were the only things they left behind. Suddenly, monsters appeared in the dungeons. They even attacked nearby villagers. The king ordered to block the dungeons. Only those with permit could enter. With all kinds of purposes, people venture into the dungeons. For treasure, for ancient relics, for strength. But no one really notice, a secret, forgotten by time, is waiting to be found.

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I'm a wizard, searching for the ancient relics with my mentor and fellow wizards. The relics are said to be deep underneath the ground, so we need to build dungeons to get deeper, and also to lock up the monsters here for research. Where would the relics be? Or, do they really exist? My instinct tells me the real purpose of this trip is not for some stupid relics. Since when would wizards be interested in archaeology? Let's wait and see what clues I can find.

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The senior wizards have set a rule that we should always stick together, and no one should return to the upper floor. This is so suspicious so I didn't sleep last night, just to see if the senior wizards would do something in the dark. Guess what I’ve seen -- They were casting spells on the dungeon! I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand that spell. I've noticed a magical field strengthening me in the dungeon. Does the spell have something to do with the magical field?

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There's something shinning through th wall. Use the pickaxe to dig the wall. Tap to use pickaxe, when tap to dig wall. Tap to move to the chest. Use the torch on the turkey. Tap to use items. They will help you become the strongest adventure. Tap skill icon to perform skills (long press to check details). Make the best use of items. Try to dig the wall over there with a pickaxe. The "?" mark indicates where the treasure hides. Of course, not all treasure is marked out. Find out by yourself.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you don't need to kill all the monsters if that will cost your life and everything in your bag. Returning to town from time to time is a better strategy, so that you can be better prepared for the next adventure. Adjusting your formation is very important to victory. Please tap formation and start to arrage. The boss can atttack hero in front row. Switch position to beat it.
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