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Welcome back to the estate. I am a Cheat-on in charge of security. The monsters around the territory have to squeeze out quickly. Defend your territory by defending it. Click on the symbol to select where to fight. Stage - this section is a screen showin the information of the hunting ground. Replacement - this button allows you to choose the difficulty level and the stage. The first place to be punished is determined. So please select and perform the articles that will be punished together. Involve Both knights and finish them quickly. Revaluation can be accompanied by up to four knights.

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I will explain about the button that utilize the hero. The button is an evasive action. Dodge can save you from an emergency. Fill your stamina when you are short on stamina nad avoid dangerous situation. Home button is used to create a portal that returns to the territory. Use it to return to the estate. If the screen is complicated, you can comfortably battle the menu through the corresponding button.

Dungeon&Evil cheats, hack codes

Characters: warrior - is a master in ultra close range battle. It crushes the enemies by using the weapons. Archer - is a bow master. It has the ability to attack multiple people quickly. Gunner - is a master of gun skills. It features quickly killing one enemy. Wizard - it is a scholar who studies magic. It kills enemies in many ways by using various magic.
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We’ll show you the page for managing articles and buildings. Knight information - this is the list of knight and territory management page. Bottom menu - this window shows the knights you have currently, and you should select them for detailed information and actions. Use the button on the page that manages the article’s rating and appearance. Toggle between the story and stats of the article.
Click on the buildings - constructions have many effects and are directly related to heroes and knight reinforcements. Buildings in the territory have their own functions, and as levels rise, the limits and functions will expand.

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Soldiers: Purson - a half man and half horse, jumped into his homeland like place in happiness as the abyss opens and makes himself famous.
Saleos - known as the protector of the kingdom of the lions, sold his soul to the demon to boost his power. 6weyxc - resources (wood, stone, food, iron, silver)
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