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Your goal is to explore the dungeon as deep as you can each room has a key. A guard, and a door get the key. Kill the guard and go through the door. Collect the magic runes and use them to play cards to help you survive. Clicking on tiles reveals the room and gives you coins. Now get the blue rune so you can play the detection card.
YOu found the door! But you need the key. Now that you have enough runes to play detection maybe we can use it to find the key.

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No key but you found some golden teeth! But let’s get some more more coins first by selling a card. Selling cards gives you the coins and runes on the card, but beware! The trash can will bite you for 1 damage! Get a green rune so you can play the healing card.
It’s the key - but a giant spider is guarding it! We have to heal up and then we can fight it! Ok, we healed a bit but it’s not enough. Let’s search the room to find something else to help.

Dungeon Faster cheats, hack codes

Ouch! I forgot, if you’re fighting an enemy. Exploring another area will give them a free hit! But now we’re okay to get these valuable gold teeth! Gold teeth are kept even if you die! Now, back to the spider problem. Let’s raise our attack. Dang still not enough to be a match for the spider. Let’s see what this fireball. Does, maybe that’ll help. It’ll damage the spider right through it’s defense! Let’s use our gold teeth to make it do even more damage!
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The gold teeth has upgraded the card. Unfortunately we don’t have the runes to play our new and improved fireball. But wait, we have a card that can give us the exact purple rune we need! We have 3 ATK and He has 1 def and 2 HP, it’s exactly Lethal! Tap the flag to finish him! Unfortunately every time we attack our ATK decreases by 1. But at least we got some sweet gold teeth as a reward! Let’s keep exploring and try to find more. A potion - if you tap and hold on it it’ll give you more information on it.

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Heroes: Paladyna - a beautiful warrior from the southern counties with incredibly trained senses and the ability to heal herself. Passive skill: She can reveal the location of the door in the room. tBxrUU - supply box
oG6JQ2 - treasure chest
gsBhW3 - multiplayer
7I0R8K - vip status
ccrskq - star tokens
Hack 4mm50Z - artifacts
Cheat 10jU7U - evade
JymXg6 - elite ticket
wALv6y - exchange cheat code

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