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Game story:
“ Lucifer: Foolish mankind and gods! Your ignorance and wrongness have opened up the dimension of time space. To prevent the destruction of dimension of time space. From now on you are will be slaves to our fallen archangels. This is the only way tp protect you fools. Let all obey absolute God’s command!
Seolhwa: What right do you have to enslave us? No matter now strong you are us mankind will not slaves of you fallen archangels. We mankind will not surrender to the power of you and the absolute god and will keep out free will to the ened. Let’s have a fight.”

Dungeon and Goddess hack

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Let’s learn how to attack first. Every hero has 2 skills each. Let’s press the first skill of the Nongae. Nongae is single target method hero of offensive hero type. Single target method hero can choose target to attack when his selects a skill. Press the target displayed.
Each hero has the each attributes and the each attributes can give additional damage. The each attributes relationship is according to be confirmed by the left hand attributes icon.

Dungeon and Goddess cheats, hack codes

All hero’s second skill has a special ability. Defends skills reduce damage, attack skills include additional attacks, support - has attack power rise buff or defends power rise buff. When battle with the fallen angels boss, user use hero group 1 deck, 2 deck, and friends hero ground 3 deck. You are not have friends hero group at now, so you should battle Lucifer with use cheat codes.
Now let’s know about hero management. Hero management window can manage your all heroes. Pressing view hero info button on arrow icon mark will take you to a menu window you can hero tier up, hero level up, equip on weapon and armor, upgrade on weapon and armor.
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Tier up button is raise the hero rank upgrade. The upgrade consume a lot of soul stones, so you must upgrade carefully. Next, let’s know at equipment mounting. You can hero grow level up and tier up. Also equipment mounting can hero grow powerfully. Equipment upgrade can select character’s equipment or by select a equipment from the inventory on the right. To equipment upgrade, need cheat codes, upgrade stone, luck stone and gold. Lucky stone use increase chances of success probability. Equipment upgrade is requires a certain amount of gold, so be careful deciding upgrade.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Dungeon and Goddess tips
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