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A.D. 21XX started by paradise dolls, the globally popular entertainment program. Real battle idols was launched. Cybetnode and paradise, the two large technology and media groups, joined hands to transform the former’s reinforcement human training project into an entertainment spectacle by the name of “battle idols”.
One day, portals began appearing all over and world, spilling monsters from the demon world trying to invade.

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But the battle experienced idols slaughtered them all. Cybernode and paradise were never ones to pass up a good opportunity, and planned a reality show around the demon world. This is the story of the idols who where thrown into the labyrinth of the demon world, fighting their way through never ending battles. The battle will progress automatically. You can get gold when you defeat monsters.

Dungeon iDoll cheats, hack codes

You can level up heroes several times by using gold. A team consists of up to 5 idols. You can use all members on standby, except for those on adventures. When you reach stage 5, a new character will join your ranks. You gathered all SP. Tap the picture of the idol and use their skill. Defeat a dungeon boss to get special items and equipment. You’ll get a valuable item called Demon’s soul when you return to the headquarters. And remember, do not miss the daily gifts.
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100, 200, 300... each time you clear a stage and return, your PD rank goes up by 1. Team level up - tap and hold to equally raise the level of the all team members that participated in battle. Use demon’s soul to level up your idols or the headquarters. Each hero has a special ability. Have you ever picked the artifacts from the store? Artifacts have special effects on the team! Consider returning to the headquarters when the monsters are too strong to break through the dungeon.

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The enemy is incredibly strong? There’s no shame in retreating when a battle seems too difficult. It’s a bit too difficult to fight this enemy now, so you should return to headquarters first. If you return, you will go back to the entrance of the demon world. You will be purified so that you can use the Demon’s soul that you obtained in battle. The level and the gold that you obtained in the demon world will be rest but you keeo your Demon’s soul investment. R7e9lx - supply box
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