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. Android game Dungeon Inc cheat hack code - free spin the wheel, golden platter, upgrade max, ultra chest, dollars, relics, gems(New York, Unated state).

Oh, you must be the new manager! Good timing! The previous manager has just been relieved of their head! Your first assignment is to prove your loyalty to me by committing insurance fraud! Accidents like that start us from scratch but have huge benefits. The insurance payout is one, remobing the smell is another. Now, i've got work to do. Cheat-on will be on hand to show you around. We should start rebuilding! I hope you last longer the old manager. Dungeon, Inc profits from the gold and gem trade. Open and upgrade more rooms to earn more gold coins. Big boss's life Chaz has dropped in! His 'Elevating inspiration + income" program works wonders.

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We've got a new employee on the payroll! Dungeon prides itself on the diversity of its staff. Let's assing them to a room. Looks like cubicle has really settled in. They'll help defend against future tax audits too. Keeps upgrading rooms to more tap damage. The employees like to feel they're unique and special. Promotions give staff a boost to their abilities. They'll fight even harder for the glory of Dungeon, inc. I made sure to evacuate the employees, they're itching to get back to work.

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Golden platter – upgrade 4 rooms to gold. You can use gems crystal to get more chests from shop. A new employee too! You should assign them to an empty room. Unlocks access to hire 6 new employees! Time to let you in on the secret of my success. Claiming insurance gets us the company's worth in dungeon dollars. Your branch has shown promise, so let's cause some destruction! Enough dungeon dollars to get a relic! New relics will add an extra permanent boost to your dungeons. Discover and upgrade all the relics to really get in my good books. Now get back to work rebuilding, and keep those profits soaring!

how to enter hack cheats Dungeon Inc.

1. gGvTB19ADD – free spin the wheel
2. uYVKmyfYOs – golden platter
3. b8ueO9ZwjX – upgrade max
4. OpXgSTdS33 – ultra chest
5. SdzgmQDOVi - dollars
6. MHWYCW8wXh - relics
7. W4l4Y07raR - gems

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