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. Android game Dungeons Evil EX cheat hack code - friendship draw, diamonds pack, soul shards, voucher, chest, materials, gold, evolve (New York, Unated state).

Devil revived itself from darkness and teared the kingdom apart. The final hope laid upon the holy sword and its new master, who was about to begin a mysterious journey. Prince, you have finally woke up! You made me very worried. I knew a black marketer, I guess it won't be hard to get cards from him. We can get rare cards by using some diamonds, but it's emergency so I had to get some regular cards with friendship. When we got some new cards, we must deploy them into deck. Otherwise they won't be able to fight in battles. Your highness! The left biggest place is for the main card, rests are for the secondary cards. Main card can be used by your friends and help them in their battles. Click the view button for more info about your card.

Dungeons Evil EX cheats android, ios hack codes

Dungeons & Evil EX –  hack codes
When you laid down your cards, your character's summon cost (right side of your avatar) Must be higher than the total of all participating card's cost ( top right corner of a card). If you don't have enough of the summon ability, you have to raise it by leveling up first. The main card which has been configured will not appear in the selection of additional cards! You cans elect a friend for help and let his main card to join your fight in common and heroic level. Pushing through maps is the best way to level up. A newbie gift pack will be given when you get 5 stars in the first map. Requires wisdom and strategy to better distribute your cost value. Cancel some selected cards if you cost is insufficient.

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Dungeons & Evil EX –  cheats secret bug
login 30 days in total to receive 5 star card!Some rewards can be found and used in the backpack. You must have gotten many cards in the fight! Use card enhancement to take the advantage of them! Card enhancement is devouring other cards to improve its level, thus enhancing its properties and unlocking skills! Don't select too many material cards during enhancement. Otherwise, the extra experience will be wasted when the card level is full! When there are too many cards, you can use auto to finish. Enhancing your cards is the best way to enhance your strength. Availing yourself of a friend's main card can change the outcome of the battle! But note that the upper limit of your present friends is limited by your character's level.

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1. AY5OGIfDxf – friendship draw
2. 6zX8DHRuUP – diamonds pack
3. mKwStWyp1a – enhance, evolve
4. rWS9Qfwpi4 – soul shards
5. ErwVVFLIlD - vouchers
6. MqvcysM7HN - chest
7. qCCb8gTw71 - materials

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