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Bonfire - your body temperature rises when you’re dry. Fatigue is bearable in the heat, but over whelming in the cold.
Defense - a good defense can keep you alive against any offense. It also mitigates, and occasionally prevents, damage. Remember - what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Survival - should be your number one concern. Gather basic materials, build shelters, and craft tools to stay alive. Your skills as a pioneer will grow faster if you survive in higher level environments.

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Ranged - take down fearsome enemies before they can even get close. Ranged attacks expand the battlefield, allowing you to apply long distance pressure on your foe. Facing stronger enemies at a distance will further improve your skills.
Gathering - weapon/tools won’t tell you their value. Gathering allows you to identify what’s useful and make it yours. The better the weapon/tools you collect, the more your ability to gather them will grow.
Melee - keep your friends close. Melee fights allow you to dominate an opponent up close in a small area. Facing stronger targets will earn you more experience.
Weapon/Tool - the first cry of victory os blown from the bellows of a forge. Weapon crafting is the art of making tools of war. The better the materials and tools, the more destructive the product.

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Melee - bare-handed action:
kick - learn how to deliver a tremendous strike with your foot when no better weapon is at hand.
Punch - learn how to deliver a bare handed strike.
Body tackle - learn how to knock someone over by slamming your body into them. Useful for stunning your opponent.
Flurry of fists - learn how to deliver a flurry of consecutive blows.
Durango Wild Lands wiki
Two handed action:
Crush - learn how to crush your enemies with a two handed weapon. Can be used in all stances. Crush (impact) - increase crush’s impact - its ability to interrupt the enemy’s action.
Cleave - learn how to attack multiple enemies simultaneously with a two handed weapon. Can be used in defense stance and berserk stance.

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One handed action:
  • Backstab - learn how to target weak points with a one handed weapon. Can be used in Defense stance.
  • Smash - learn how to crush your enemies with a one handed weapon. Can be used in an attack stance.

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Hack cheats tutorial Durango Wild Lands(wiki): Lance action:
  • Impale - learn how to stab your enemies clean through with the lance. Can be used in attack stance.
  • Charge - learn how to rush rush the enemy with your lance, dealing high damage. Can be used in blitz stance.
Enhanced melee attack:
  • melee weapon mastery - increase the damage of normal attack made with melee weapons (knives, axes< blunt, weapons, etc).
  • Weapon specialization - increase the critical hit damage of melee weapons.

Durango Wild Lands tutorial

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