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Game story:
Therefore, the Kunlun has named such dimension as Youshanding. In this land where everything gets attracted in, a girl has appeared. The girl will shatter the boundaries of the dimensions and weave tales of her adventures one day. The first chapter of her story
Controls: Rotate campera - when you can control Yumo freely, use R will rotate camera. Please control the camera and find Yusha. How to Move: use L can move Yumo. The speed will go further up after running for a while. Use ZR cheat code can instantly speed up hero’s moving speed.

Dusk Diver hack

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Light Attack- it’s fast despite being weak. Maximum combos at 5 times. Heavy attack - it’s more powerful despite being slower. Use after a light attack will change to different moves depending on the number of light attacks.
SP meter - spend 1 SP and a summon attack can be made. It can be used at will, but it’s definitely more powerful then Yumo. Use a summon attack after a heavy attack will change to different moves depending on the number of heavy attacks. Use these techniques well and defeat your enemies.

Dusk Diver cheats, hack codes

Dodge - charge quickly to evade enemy attacks. Can be used after an attack. Use this to fight more efficiently. Also, dodge right before enemy hits, if you do it at the right time, it will be a just dodge. All enemies will slow down for a brief moment. In addition to slow down the enemies, you can also regain 3 SP instantly. Use this to fight more efficiently. You can attack advantageously for a brief moment after just dodge. But when it ends, there is a cool down time to reuse.
Dash - keep using L cheat code for a while, hero’s running speed gets faster, and start dashing. By pressing ZR longer can also make character dash right away.
Dusk Diver wiki
Dragon vein stone shard: unlike the guardian. Yumo needs Dragon vein stone shard to help her cross the dimensional fissures. The deeper the fissure, the more Dragon Veins are needed. These shards are all over Ximending and Youshanding! Lock-on - the closest enemy in sight. It keeps the locked enemy in sight. Push again LB to cancel the lock on state. R - switch lock on target. When in lock on state use R can switch between lock on targets. Use this to fight more efficiently. There are lots of SP refill systems set by Boss all over Youshanding. The light from the device can regain guardian’s energy. Yumo can refill SP quickly by standing on it.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Dusk Diver tips
Hack cheats tutorial Dusk Diver (wiki):
Main menu - item: after buying items from Boss, please go to the item menu to equip first. After the consumables are equipped, Yumo can start using items in Youshanding.
Secret missions from boss: as the story progressed, Boss will give you some secret missions. Once you finish her special mission, you can buy more useful item from her, or get some discount. 1qbZLj - chaos beasts
g3usmQ - treasure chest
5BPKcx - hyper attack
HeUbE6 - vip status
KMwARG - star tokens
Hack BcQvwf - artifacts
Cheat HObOOZ - evade
AB5jMd - elite ticket
I6qA7L - exchange cheat code

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