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If you want to base camp here, it will be safe for the time being. It seems to be the first time to restore this place before they come back. Before you arrive, i told people to get together on the empty spot and i would go to the place where everyone is gathered.
This is the site of the survivors. If there are any infected people in the group, please let me know immediately. If i have to hurry, i will try to get to the point. It was an intelligence that they would attack again soon.

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Please follow the instructions carefully. If you do not have a town hall, you can not operate this place. We will build a town hall first.
Follow the instructions to select one survivor required for construction and press the construction button. Construction will be completed after a certain period of time, and completion is ended by pressing the button.

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1. HHwVNyIP1p - speed up
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It’s the infected people coming from this side of the hill. I went to attack without maintenance. We want the villagers with no weapons to be at the headquarters and we should go out and fight. Please click on the battle button on the bottom right. Play your combat troops at the village entrance before they arrive and build your defenses.
There are too many enemies. If you ask for public support, you can drive a large number of enemies.
DUST wiki
You need a hospital to treat your wounded colleagues. When you select a character to be cured, you automatically start the treatment. If the bed is not enough, it will be added to the queue and the treatment will start automatically when the seat is occupied. It takes too long to treat, but now i have a lot of work and i do not have time to wait. I’ll try to use codes to complete the treatment.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Try to build a farm that can produce food this time. If the level of the farm goes up, you can get more food. It is an indispensable resource for survival and exploration.
  • Choose a character to explore. You can choose up to four people. Please lead your colleagues to see all the areas on the screen and come back to the truck.
  • Now i will explain how to level up your colleagues. Three items can be leveled up and can be acquired in quests, and shops.
  • Each item has 3 levels and will be destroyed if you use it for upgrade, so please use it carefully.
  • Build a factory that produces obstacles and turrets that can be used for combat.

DUST tips
Hack cheats tutorial DUST(wiki): In the factory, after selecting the item to be produced first, select the coworker to be created and then press the production button to start production.
We can survive. We will install the turret we just produced and begin the battle.
Build a logging site that can produce trees, which is an essential resource for upgrading buildings and producing mechanical items.
Fulfill quests and receive rewards, base your resources here to survive as long as possible.
DUST tutorial

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Headquarters - manage your characters and level up.
Hospital - you can heal injured characters.
Factory - barricades and turrets can be used to produce items needed for battle.
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Liam - Jenny’s husband and father. The former middleweight world champion is now the head of boxing sports center. He has a blunt personality and believes no one but his family.
Jenny - a mother and Liam’s wife, a bright and positive person whose smile never leaves her mouth. I try to keep the children safe with Liam.

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