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Orcs has taken everything! You must destroy them and the fortress on the north! Firstly you need to make your equipment and straighten out units. Farm is a place where you can plant a seeds and harvest them after. Plants that have been harvested can be sold or used in alchemy. Select tradesman to buy some seeds from him. Now we need to wait when ripen the plant. Our pumpkin is ready to harvest? You can easy harvest it. We cal sell our plant. Select the same dwarf from whom you bought the seeds earlier.

Dwarves Village hack

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Now you know how to earn money in the Dwarven village. Remember if you want to earn some gold you have to work really hard. There are some kinds of potions that can be useful on the battle field, although you can sell them easily as well. To make a potion you have to know the recipe. Talk to tradesmen who is selling the magic books. Now select Cauldron where you can mix potion up. By selecting recipe you can peek which ingredients are needed to make a potion. Drag the recipe in appropriate place. This time you get a free ingredients but later you have to get them on your own.

Dwarves Village cheats, hack codes

Doble tap on the item or drag the given ingredients in 4 empty boxes. An anvil can help you with manufacture an equipment for your character. It is about time to recruit your first dwarf. You can control him during the fight with enemy. Warrior - wield heavy weapons. He is marked by slow but strong hit. You have recruited you first hero. Set him as active. Thanks to this you can change the character who with you want to use. Your warrior is ready to fight! Character who is selected is shown near by statue. Book - this place allow you to train your dwarf. You can buy him training to improve his fight abilities.
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Shoes - here is a palce where you can check equipment and statistics of your hero. World - this is the map of the land which you are fighting for. Orcs have taken almost the whole continent, all the way to the fortress in the north. It’s time to take back our lands. You can switch between map modes. Missions are the main thread. In the hunt mode, you can acquire various valuable resources. Let’s hunt for an available enemy. If you want to fight in the other ones you will have to buy a license. Hunting - here you can see what items you can get from this enemy and what is their chance to drop.

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