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Free hack Dynasty Legends cheats code list - mythic officer, epic gear, stamina, promo ticket, superior chest, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dynasty Legends cheat world: in the dying days of the Eastern Han dynasty, Zhang Jio discovered a grimoire. In its pages are primordial powers which he used to free the vile demon lord Chiyou. Chiyou tore through time and space, placing seals on all the mightiest warriors. The Nine provinces fell instantly into a state of chaos and mindless slaughter. As the people struggled in despair, a band of new heroes emerged - inheritors of a noble legacy.

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Sounds majestic. You must be a real hero. Are you ready for battle? Let me show you the way. Controls: skills consume energy and basic attacks generate it. The enemy general’s armor bar will fall when damage is received. The enemy general’s armor is broken? Leaving him vulnerable to damage now. Attack with all your might. Make use of dodge skills to quickly avoid enemy attacks.

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Hau Tuo - rejuvenation: holy hands heal officers with low HP. Healer: heals all characters. Liu Wuchan - attacks with terrifying speed. Surge - increases damage when energy is full. Moonstrike - yields an armor piercing ability. Zhang Bao - a one man army. Battle cry - increases crit. Berserker - brutal smash gives a damage bonus.

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General, you have a great talent for battle. An ultimate weapon will make you even more powerful. Avoid the red area when an enemy general cast a skill. Red arrows point to off screen enemies. When you successfully use the parry skill, you enter an invincible state and receive rage.

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