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Game story (prolog): Look, my lord! There are refugees up ahead, they appear to be from the Zhuozhou! Why not have reconnoiter the city first so we can be better prepared.
- What, go to Zhuozhou? Are you that eager to lose your lives? The cultists are abducting people in the city.
- We are travelling there to quell the yellow turban rebellion, please do not worry!
- Why is the city empty? This is bad, we might be in an ambush!
- Oh,no! Priest bears mystical magic, it is too dangerous, protect the lord!

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Please build the towers. I’ll protect your surroundings! Yinping is adept at single combat, but the Yellow turban bandits swarm at him like locusts - deploying the cannon tower will be much more prudent. My lord, i a, an archer who is adept at single combat. Zhang Bao is a gunner who excels at handling swarms of enemies. Towers have been set up, please give the order and attack the enemy!

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This wicked Taoist has summoned so many yellow turban rebels! My lord, we are terribly outnumbered. It’s impossible to wipe them out! With these insignificant skills, how dare you be so arrogant here? Young general, i’ll teach you the frigid shower spell! Defeating the enemy will be easy! Please use frigid shower cheat code to stop the enemies for advancing! Release the skill at the location with most of the enemies in it. Please use cheer on Zhang Bao and help defeat the enemies!
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Note: Many warriors and heroes are gathering in the tavern. Recruit them to obtain the dominant position together. Heroes are separated into archers, gunners, mages, and strategists. The 4 classes will counter each other. Shield soldier - has high defense, but fears magic attack. Raises the shield after taking a certain amount of damage, increasing defense greatly. Trio array focuses on the coordination between the shield unit and the cavalry unit.
There are too many enemies? The gunpowder will explode once ignored. It’s very dangerous. In this case, if we break the barreis on advance and make it explode among the Yellow Turban rebels, we can get twice the result with half the effort. When several barrels are close to each other, break one to trigger a chain of explosions.

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Neither arrows nor bullets can penetrate giant shields. This shielded unit is very hard to handle. Use magic tower. Shield soldiers dread spells. Jian Yong and i will deal with them. The rest of you focus on the light cavalry unit. We can break this array.
Flame tower - fire an enormous fireball and deal a lot of damage to the enemies in a certain area. Frost tower - release a ball of ice fog. THe enemies inside the fog will be slowed down and take damage over time. Sky tower - will release multiple bombs. THe higher the damage, the larger the area. Earthquake - fire coming out of the fissures on the ground. The enemies who pass by the fire will be ignited and take damage over time. With the earthquake tower and the icy tower guard, we can focus on relieving the refugees in the city of Qingzhou and clearing off the remaining enemies.
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